Posted by: Eating The Road | November 17, 2009

Where Should I Eat? Fast Food Edition (Flowchart)

Have you ever been driving around and couldn’t decide where to stop to fill the belly of the beast? Worry no longer my friend. With this simple to follow flowchart you will never have to decide which to listen to, your brain or your stomach. Now you can save those precious braincells for better decisions…like plaid or argyle…or So You Think You Can Dance or NCIS.

Head over to Top Cultured to see the Fast Food Flowchart, be sure to see our other flowcharts as well:
Chain Restaurant
Freezer Aisle
Produce Aisle

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  1. This made me giggle. I love it!

  2. Ha! Very stereotypic…police prefers DD. I personally won’t eat at any of these places, but maybe just for the $1 coffee from McD.

  3. Just noticed the “Fast Food Edition” and had to delete my earlier comments. That’s pretty much accurate, thx for the flowcharting :)

  4. Fantastic!!

  5. Little known fact, Washington and Oregon are also on the west coast. In-N-Out is not in Washington and Oregon.

    Sad face.

    • I came over to the site specifically to leave this exact comment. It should be changed to Southern California, not the entire West Coast.

      Go Oregon State!

      • In-N-Out is all over California now. Open late on weekends. But certainly fast food; at least it is made on-site and not just reheated.

      • actually in and out is NOT all over california, because you have to drive 5+hours for it from northwest ca/humboldt/del norte area. . . but it is in and around las vegas.

    • nobody gives a f@%$ about any state on the west besides CA.

    • The logical alternative when one is not in California but is on the West Coast is Burgerville.

      • Sorry Psymonetta, but your logical alternative of Burgerville only works in the Portland area, and a couple of spots in extreme southern Washington. I still have not found a ubiquitous burger choice for the Puget Sound. Fatburger or Kidd Valley usually suffice.

  6. Lol! Now we need a Canadian version of this :P

    • The Canadian version is Tim Hortons.

  7. In-N-Out is open til 1am Sunday-Thursday, 1:30am Friday and Saturday!

  8. In-N-Out’s open til 1am!

    Also, where’s Del Taco?

  9. In-N-Out is open until at least 1AM everywhere.

  10. Nice, but you should fit Waffle House under “are you drunk”.

  11. i’m goin’ with maggie on this one: WHERE THE HELL IS DEL TACO?

    how dare the west coast only get those two fine fast food institutions to choose from without one of them being del taco…

  12. Tim Hortons………Yuck!!!

  13. I’d like to print this out to share with some co-workers, but the horrid striped color scheme makes that unworkable. Would be nice if there was a monochrome version, with no stripes. (Extra credit for a black and white letter-size PDF)

  14. Cool….

  15. An “Are you Hungover Option?” would have also fit nicely into the flow chart.

  16. i needed this laugh tonight. thanks!

  17. this flowchart is total BS because it doesn’t have Waffle House on it. Everyone from the South East knows you go to Waffle House after a night of drinking; regardless of what time it is!!!!

  18. in n out is open til at least 1

  19. Needs a “Five Guys” option!

  20. Tim Hortons has seeped over the Canadian border and into New York and Ohio. Most of us are grateful.

  21. So funny! “Is it Sunday?” That made me lol.

  22. Well done, very nice.

  23. Funny – that’s very very creative of you!

  24. HA! LMAO…!! Simply brilliant work!

  25. oh man that is funny!

  26. Another great post.
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  27. I love it!!!! really interesting test!


    HAHA i really liked it. Although i found the Arby’s part pretty funny, what is wrong with Arby’s? I love those roast beefs!

  29. So essentially, the only food that got a positive response were:

    In n Out
    Jack in the Box

    and to a cetain extent Sonic.

  30. i liked the chart a lot. very cool

  31. This is the best flowchart I have ever seen! I mean seriously, what American doesn’t need a fast food flowchart?! This thing should be posted on everyone’s steering wheel!

  32. Chick-fil-a is closed on Sunday’s

  33. nm just re-read the chart

  34. There are no In-N-Outs in Oregon or Washington, just California and a few central states. And all but 2 of the restaurants you have on the east-only side can be found all over the west coast.

  35. Whataburger anyone?

  36. Hilarious, and brilliant! Thanks.

  37. super-puper!
    but its always better to eat at home :) not junk food

  38. No Waffle House?! NO WAFFLE HOUSE!!! C’mon — Waffle House IS THE MAJOR FOOD GROUP in the southeast!

  39. I’m sad it doesn’t include Culver’s, which is some of the best greasy food you could ever want for when you’re in the mood for it, and the best fast-food renditions of “real” meals for when you aren’t. AND it has desserts! Fast food trifecta!

  40. Not to bad… but in Canada we have more than Tim Horton ! :-)

  41. Absolute genius. I blog about fats food stuff too sometimes, but this tops all of my efforts. Ha ha ha.

    I want to hang this on my wall.

  42. As many have mentioned, the westcoast is not just California, and there are no In-n-Outs in Washington and Oregon. However, in Washington, we do have Dick’s, which is the perfect drunk/after concert place to eat. I have enjoyed many a delicious (and very cheap) cheeseburger while very drunk, at very late hours of the night.

    Also, is Jack in the Box only a westcoast thing? I had no idea.

  43. This is brilliant. I feel obliged to create an Irish version now!

  44. They left off a box above the Canada question at the very top that reads “Do you want to get: fat, diharrea and colon cancer?”.

  45. You need to add a Texas section with Whataburger and Taco Cabana if you’re drunk and it’s after 10 p.m.

  46. This is fantastic. Good work.

  47. 韓国刺身専門店 東海

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    The message here is really important.

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  49. Not that I am suggesting anything, but if you made this available as a poster I would totally buy it. And give it to my brother for Christmas.

    Okay, maybe I am actually suggesting something.

  50. “Are you in Canada?” —–> Tim Horton’s
    “Would you ever eat at Arby’s?” –> Arby’s

    Two of the best (and most true) lines. Awesome!

  51. Um, what question do we have to answer to end up at Chipotle’s? I’d rather go there.

  52. where is el pollo loco?

  53. UMMMM Just because you’re on the westcoast doesn’t mean you have an in n out. You know, that’s only CA. There are none in WA, where I am. This flowchart therefore fails because i cannot go eat at in n out.

    yes, i put too much into this.

  54. travesty that white castle is on it, but not krystal. krystal is soooooo much better.

    and is this thing implying that arby’s isn’t delicious? if so, it’s in poor taste.

  55. LMFAO!! This is fucking awesome!!

  56. i just love this….sooo funny…I actually might use it some night

  57. I can understand the absense of Hardee’s from the possibilities… (who wants to wait that long for fast food)
    But the idea that one would eat breakfast at McDonalds when there is a Bojangles is preposterous.
    And Bojangles serves breakfast all day, so screw the other choices…
    Unfortunately some don’t have the choice…

  58. I actually followed this today

  59. [...] Where Should I Eat? Fast Food Edition: A nice flowchart. Good to see Jack-In-The-Box getting some props. Pretty tough on Arby’s though! [...]

  60. Wow what a flow chart!
    Never seen anything like it!
    That’s a compliment btw :)

  61. This is as good as it can get I think!

    Although I honestly think walking down Green Street from west to east end would be a lot easier than going through that flow chart LOL

  62. haha hilarious flow chart

  63. Ha ha that’s great.

    I just started counting how many calories I eat per day. Boy was I surprised. I didn’t know I was eating so much.

  64. Great chart! I have learned which ones to avoid by trial and error.

  65. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  66. [...] The folks are “Eating the Road” offer a flow chart answering “where should I eat: … [...]

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