What to say….I’m curious as to what the American road feels like under my tires and in my belly. There are thousands of good restaurants out there and most of us never even venture out of our local 15 mile comfort zone. How often do you find yourself going to the same ol’ restaurant…and even after swearing you won’t get the same sandwich again, after staring blankly at the menu for 10 minutes you order the same damned sandwich again. I’m tired of that…I want to taste all that’s out there. I want to find the perfect burger, the perfect slice of pizza, the perfect breakfast. For me…not for someone else. I’m well aware that my perfect hamburger is not going to be the perfect hamburger for you, but I will let you know when I’ve found mine so that maybe you can see how good it is. As a start, here is a list of my favorites so far.

I have no accolades, no awards, my taste-buds are not that of a supertaster, and in all honestly I can give a damn what anyone else thinks…mainly because you shouldn’t give a damn what I think. This is just my thoughts on my journey to find truly good eats from good people. I would, however, love to hear your thoughts on my thoughts…no matter how agreeing or disagreeing.

One of the biggest joys and pleasures from this has been meeting the people behind the food. The cooks and owners that truly love serving people their grub and making them feel at home. When you can feel at home 1000 miles from it just by the grace from strangers, that’s something special. I want to thank all the wonderful souls who day in and day out take it upon themselves to make our bellies full and our hearts warm. I find it amazing how many great memories in one’s life are associated with food and the cooks that work so hard deserve more admiration.

I hope you enjoy….now eat up!



  1. Nice blog. I see you’ve been to a few places in my backyard: Warwick, RI, Voluntown, New Haven, Conn. Cool!

  2. Oh man…some of my best meals where in your neck of the woods.

  3. Looks like you and I have similar interest in food on the road:) My site is all about hot dogs on the road.

    Great site and ideas, sounds like some places that Side Dish Jody and I should visit.

    I just opened up my blog in August and am getting it going.

    I would be honored if you would allow me to post your blog address on my list of “other places”

  4. Thanks. Sure thing…post it up! I’d love to hear about any of the places that you visited because of my reviews.

  5. I’ve noticed you’ve tried out a few places around Phoenix – check out Bobby-Q’s (http://www.bobbyq.net/). I went there on holiday in April and it was much better than anything back home in England.

    Keep up the good work (as if all that delicious food counts as work)!

  6. Haha. Thanks for the tip. Next time I’m there I’ll give it a go. I’d imagine good (or any) barbecue is hard to find in the UK.

    • That is sadly too true. Of course, my recommendation may be no good since I’ve nothing to compare it with. I think I had ‘pulled pork’ (?), but I’d never heard of it before. Nice, though.

      Another tip, if you’d like one, is the T-Bone Steakhouse (http://www.t-bonesteakhouse.com), in Phoenix (again). I thought it was really good, but, again, I haven’t been to any other steakhouses in England to get a feel for quality.

  7. ETR, you are absolutely living my dream!! Looking forward to reading more about your tasty travels.

    • 🙂 I’m glad you like it! How’d you hear about the site? Any places you recommend?

  8. Saw a link to the ‘cereal edition’ flowchart on Jezebel. loved it! I live in the greater Hartford, CT area and there are tons of great places between Northampton, MA and New Haven, CT (as I see you’ve visited some already!)

    • Glad you liked it 🙂

      Yes, I love that area. A couple of my favorites are Jigger’s Diner, Ted’s Famous, Frank Pepe’s and Iggy’s! Have you tried any of them? Which places did I miss that I should try?

      • This is a great blog. I grew up in CT and Frank Pepe’s Pizza in the best in the world. Here was my attempted to make a pizza like Pepe. http://thedish22.wordpress.com/2009/08/10/prosciutto-basil-and-olive-pizza/
        I look forward to poking around your blog more.

      • 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I really like your blog too. Frank Pepe’s is so good. I’d drive a long way for a Clam Pie!

  9. i really like this blog!!! nice job!!! i love trying different foods and travelling!!!

    • Thanks Sarina! Where are you from? What should I try in your neck of the woods?

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