Posted by: Eating The Road | December 14, 2009

What Should I Drink? Beer Edition (Flowchart)

In conjunction with the amazingly useful, humorous and insightful we’ve put together another flowchart to make your decision making that much easier.

Just in time for those wonderful Holiday parties, Eating The Road to the rescue. We figured you may need this one a bit more than the others seeing that you may be a little…ahh, under the influence. Due to that, please use this chart with caution and responsibility. If you have not heeded that advice there is always this wonderful video on how to hold your liquor and here is a list of hangover cures. Also, in maybe one of the most genius Holiday creations ever, here is a Scottish Advent Calendar.

Head over to Top Cultured to see the Beer Flowchart, be sure to see our other flowcharts as well:

Fast Food
Chain Restaurant
Freezer Aisle
Produce Aisle



  1. You totally missed a question leading to a list of Texas beers… Shiner, Lone Star, Saint Arnold, Rahr just to name the biggest 4.

  2. I like how moose light is on there, but its not really an option/doesn’t have an arrow pointing to it. i take this to mean “never drink moose light lime” which is excellent advice

  3. Fosters isn’t beer. We Aussies have been playing the “hey! drink Fosters” trick on you people for years.

    No-one here touches the stuff.

  4. I love the chart. Is there anything that separates a Bud drinker from his Coors or Miller-drinking brothers?

    • Only the way the greet eachother, especially on the phone.

  5. What does the Stargate have to do with those beer selections?

  6. Oh, Alaskan Amber…how can I stay mad at you?

  7. How about… are you from Pennsylvania? —-> Yuengling Lager.

    Just didn’t have any room for the oldest brewery in America, did you?

    • Here Here to Yuenglings! I’m in St. Louis (home of defunct bud) Yuenglings Number one!

  8. substantial efficiency direct contribution

  9. wow nice chart.. good job

  10. The hangover cures work a treat.. wow thanks for this wonderful post.

  11. This is a typical U.S. chart with only a few good beers, mostly indifferent beers and some bad beers.
    Hey how about making a “good beer” chart, including the great european beers ?

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