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  1. I don’t know if you will read this or even if you are ever going to come this way again but there is a very small cafe in Burns Flat Oklahoma that makes everything from scratch and we have a salsa that is to die for. We would really like to see you at our door someday to try out burgers and salsa thank you so much and i do hope that you get this

  2. Sheila,

    Thanks for reading. Is it the Eagles Nest Cafe? Is there a menu online. I would love to stop by when I’m in the area 🙂

  3. I see you’re in the Santa Fe, NM Area. You might give Bumble Bee’s Baja Grill a try. BB’s has the only drive up window in Downtown SF. They had tasty burritos when back in 2005 (living in WI right now). If you venture south to Albuquerque, you might give Hurricane Cafe a try. Breakfast in Albuquerque requires a stop a Frontier Restaurant, on Central Ave, right smack in front of the UNM. Both are favorite stops when I’m in town. And if you are venturing towards Gallup, NM, stop by Earl’s Resturant. It’s located on Rt. 66. (Also take a look at El Rancho Hotel, a hotel that housed Hollywood stars from the 30’s and 40’s when they were filming in the West… if you happen to be a movie buff too). I’m drooling just thinking about the places I used to eat!

    • Alan, all great suggestions! Unfortunately I’m no longer in the area…but when I return I surely will check them out. How come you no longer eat them?

  4. If you’re in Dallas any time soon:


    Also, Kincaids will not disappoint. Simple, to the point, and -perfect-.

    Ooo, one last one (sadly I don’t have a name).. it’s a little breakfast diner in Jacksburo near the DMV out there. Everyone around there knows it, so if you ever swing by, just ask 😀

    The waitresses sport real bee-hives and the food was great, especially the biscuits.

    • I’ve already come and gone…and I missed Kinkaids unfortunately (I got a lot of people telling me to go there) but I loved the places that I did stop at. I went to Kel’s Kitchen for a similar breakfast to how you describe the one in Jacksburo…the biscuits were awesome as were the waitresses!

  5. Hey ETR, I love the blog. Thanks for the frequent updates.

    Are you gonna make it to the midwest sometime?

    • Hopefully…where do you recommend I go?

  6. I assume you take suggestions? Ifn you come through the PHoeniX area again, you should prolly try Joes Farm Grill in Gilbert, it seems every reviewer raves about it (i still need to try it m’self). Another one that i very much recommend is Wildberry Diner 4805 E Main St in Mesa. How good is it? I’d go there again ifn it weren’t some twenty miles from here (maybe not that far, but it is a fair distance from me, but i did have a reason to be out that way), and on a $20 order, me and my partner dropped a $7 tip. Yep, a 1/3 tip, that’s how good the food and service were.

    Hmmm, thinking about it, ifn you get to AlBuquerQue again, allow me to recommend Hurricanes 4330 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110, i visited it twice when i was out there for work, once for a late lunch, and once for breakfast.

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