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Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles
Address: 10 W Yuma St, Phoenix, AZ‎ 85003
Phone: (602) 340-1304
Known For: Chicken & Waffles
What I had: Chicken (leg & thigh), waffle, cornbread & gravy
Price: $9.65
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Lo-Lo’s is a Phoenix institution. It was started by Mrs. White and is currently run by her son Larry White. You can also head down the street to Mrs. White’s Golden Rule Cafe for more good down home southern cooking (I hear they have the best desserts) but I don’t think they’re serving chicken & waffles.

I have been wanting to try fried chicken & waffles my entire life but being a city boy I have yet to taste it. I knew that I wouldn’t want to waste my first bite on a mediocre place so I’d held out…until now….and boy am I glad I did. This place is phenomenal. I had no idea how to eat this, did I eat the chicken and the waffle together? Did I slather the chicken in the syrup? I asked for aide from the staff and they assisted me along “No, put your chicken on this plate over here…”

I ordered a waffle, a leg, a thigh, cornbread and gravy (the meal comes with all-you-can-drink Red Kool-Aid too). They also had mac & cheese, fried catfish and red velvet cake, all of which looked amazing… I need to come back for that.

The tastes all meld so well together, the sweet, the savory, the salty, it was perfect. The waffle was warm, soft and pillowy on the inside, with just the right crispness on the outside. The chicken was piping hot, not too greasy, perfectly fried and flavored wonderfully. One of my favorite combinations was the waffle, a little butter, some syrup and the gravy. The cornbread was good drizzled with a little honey. I must say, this was one fantastic lunch. I haven’t been so satisfied after a meal aside from maybe a few Thanksgivings.

This is a very popular place and was extremely busy. They have quite a lot of staff and they were all friendly and helpful. While I ate my delicious grub, a group of Arizona Cardinal football players were dining there as well, you know it’s good if those guys are eating it. If you’re anywhere within 1500 miles of Lo-Lo’s please make a trip to get some amazing chicken & waffles.

Lo-Los Chicken & Waffles

Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles

Chicken & Waffle

Chicken & Waffle

Chicken on Waffle

Chicken on Waffle

Cornbread & Gravy

Cornbread & Gravy

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  1. So it really *was* Mrs. White in the Kitchen…

  2. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! We ate there when we lived in Phoenix, but now we are in Minnesota. Luckily I get to go back to Phoenix now and then for work – I was just there in August and ate at their new location in Scottsdale – YUMMY!

  3. I hear it’s just as good….if not better, only because it’s newer and bigger.

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