Your Place Restaurant & Pub

Your Place Restaurant & Bar – American Lunch Buffet
Address: 2133 Lincoln Highway E. (Route 30), Lancaster PA 17602
Phone: (717) 394-8997

Mon-Fri 11:00am-2:00pm $6.95
Wednesday: 5:00pm-8:00pm $6.95

Typical lunch: Various pizzas, stombolis, salad, wraps and buffalo wings. Wednesday night is various pizzas, strombolis and salad.

This is a small buffet but with a nice variety of offerings. The salad bar is pretty much a lettuce mix with cucumbers and onions. The dressings are Ranch, Italian, raspberry vinaigrette, 1000 Island and French. It was fresh but obviously nothing exciting. There was a cole slaw that was much too bitter but they had a pasta salad that was quite nice. They have flour and whole wheat wraps with cheese, turkey or ham. They were all very nice and very fresh. There was not too much to them, meaning not a lot of dressing (mayo) or sauce but you can always add the amount you’d like which I think is nice.

There was white bean and bacon soup that was fairly good, it had a nice smoke flavor to it. The chicken wings were fantastic. They were cooked well and in a nice spicy sauce. They were grilled as opposed to deep fried, so no batter, which was a nice change.

There were two varieties of stromboli, a sausage and a ham. They were both very dough heavy and both had been sitting under the heat lamp for too long. The cheese had become fairly solid. These were not very good as served but I imagine that if they came fresh from the oven they would be good. The pizzas offered are only cheese and pepperoni. The pizza was good but again they too suffered from the heat lamps. I was there during a slow time unfortunately and there was hardly any turnover in the food items. I believe the food being served was sitting for at least 20-30 minutes.

I really like the atmosphere of the restaurant. It is more like a lodge, especially there lobby/waiting room. They have a dining room and a bar with multiple TVs throughout. It is very clean and well maintained. The service is extremely quick and friendly. They do a terrific job of cleaning empty plates and refilling beverages.

They have a full menu and I would bet that it’s much better than the buffet, certainly on slow days. I would say if there are a lot of people eating the buffet then try it but if not order off the menu. All the items used fresh ingredients and I could tell that they knew what they were doing but food can only handle so much sitting before it’s just not as good as its meant to be. I would give it another try some time though.

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  1. Our family visited last month. A great meal and we really enjoyed it. Thank you, Ann

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