Star Buffet & Grill

Star Buffet & Grill
Address: 2232 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, PA 17602
Phone: (717) 393-4866

Lunch: Mon-Sat 11am-3:30pm $6.99
Dinner Mon-Sat 3:30pm-10:30pm $9.99, Sun 11am-9pm $10.99

Typical lunch/dinner: stuffed clams, stuffed mushrooms, crab legs, baked (imitation) crab, baked salmon, string beans, teriyaki chicken, pepper chicken, pepper steak, vegetable lo-mein, steamed fish, teriyaki beef, bbq pork ribs, sweet and sour chicken, General Tso’s chicken, chicken with peppers, broccoli chicken, beef broccoli, cheese wanton, pot stickers, dumplings, chicken skewer, chicken wings, fried shrimp, cold shrimp, hot and sour soup, egg flower soup, wonton soup, sushi, salad bar, fruit bar, french fries, onion rings, pizza, pastry wrapped hot dogs, Mongolian BBQ.

Typical dessert: fruit, banana pudding, vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, almond cookies chocolate cake, yellow cake, Jell-O, fried donuts, hand-dipped ice cream.

This place has three large double-sided buffet tables, an ice cream cooler and a Mongolian BBQ station. At the first table you’ll find all of your cold items and desserts, this is also where the sushi and soups are. It’s all pretty typical, hot & sour soup, wonton soup, egg flower soup, California rolls, ebi, tofu sushi, fruit, puddings, basic “airy” cakes, almond cookies, banana pudding, etc. They also have your basic salad stuff and dressings, Ranch, blue cheese, cocktail sauce, tarter sauce, etc. There is the ice cream cooler nearby that has 5 or 6 flavors of hand-dipped Turkey Hill ice cream including vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan and peanut butter swirl.

To the left of the ice cream is the Mongollian BBQ station. Here you’ll find various meats (chicken, steak, shrimp) and vegetables (sprouts, green beans, carrots, mushrooms, etc.). If you’re unfamiliar, you grab a bowl and fill it with the items you would like including noddles and there is a chef there that will cook them all together right in front of you. There are also various sauces that you can mix in. When I went I did not try this but everything looked fresh and clean.

The other two buffet tables have all of your hot items, French fries, onion rings, macaroni & cheese, pastry wrapped hot dogs, fried donuts, scalloped potatoes, pizza, chicken wings, and then all of your typical Chinese buffet items, lo-mein, noodles, five-flavor chicken, General Tso’s, chicken fried rice, steamed rice, sweet & sour chicken, pork ribs, beef broccoli, etc. They also have a decent variety of seafood items, baked (imitation) crab, crab legs, crab stuffed mushrooms, baked clams, seafood delight, fried shrimp, cocktail shrimp, steamed fish and fried fish.

The food here is actually pretty decent. There are not too many items that fall below the average line and most or very good, especially the seafood items. The American dishes were the least good, the French Fries weren’t warm, the onion rings were bland and the pizza wasn’t much like pizza, also the pastry wrapped hot dogs oddly didn’t have much flavor. That aside, the Chinese dishes were great. The lo-mein, sweet & sour chicken, broccoli beef, General Tso’s, five-flavor chicken, pepper steak, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed clams, fried shrimp, baked crab and pork ribs were all very good. I’ve found that the Chinese buffets around here tend to go light (lighter than others, I should say) on the MSG, salt and soy sauce, which is very nice. Nothing was too greasy or heavy.

The desserst were good. The cakes are your typical fluffy variety. The puddings were good and they have the banana strawberry medley. The real winner is the butter pecan and peanut butter swirl Turkey Hill ice creams. The fried donuts were good once I informed them that the few they had left were getting cold and they brought fresh ones out.

The do a good job on cleaning tables and refilling beverages. The place was pretty clean altogether. The bathrooms were tidy and stocked. All the silverware, plates and bowls were clean and stocked well. The staff was friendly and helpful. I would come here again and make sure that it’s a Friday or Saturday night as that is when they have the most seafood options and that is where they stand out in my opinion.

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  1. We had lunch on Sat, Day after Christmas, the place was packed with people. The wait is more then worth it, service was good, food was excellent. The buffet was keep full and the price was wonderful. Some of the Best we have had, Walt from Balto. Md

  2. Found a PUBIC HAIR IN SUSHI!! Terrible Food! Shrimp tasted old &dirty! Clams tasted metallic &were sandy. Very bad! My 2 year old left with a bad tummy ache.

  3. I love your food over there!!!!!!

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