Ming Court Buffet

Ming Court Buffet
Address: 1858 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: (717) 560-0998
Website: www.mingcourtbuffet.com

Lunch: Mon-Sat 11am-3:30pm $6.75
Dinner Mon-Sat 3:30pm-9pm $10.95, Sun 11am-9pm $12.85

Typical lunch/dinner: Steamed rice, pork fried rice, chicken fried rice, chicken lo-mein, stuffed clams, stuffed mushrooms, baked (imitation) crab, string beans, teriyaki chicken, pepper chicken, pepper steak, vegetable lo-mein, steamed fish, teriyaki beef, bbq pork ribs, sweet and sour chicken, General Tso’s chicken, chicken with peppers, broccoli chicken, beef broccoli, cheese wontons, pot stickers, egg rolls, spring rolls, dumplings, chicken skewer, chicken wings, fried shrimp, cold shrimp, hot and sour soup, egg flower soup, wonton soup, sushi, salad bar, fruit bar, french fries, pizza, curry chicken, oysters, teppanyaki chicken, honey chicken.

Typical dessert: peanut sticky wontons, almond cookies, coconut cookie, yellow cake, chocolate cake, vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, tapioca pudding, puffed pastry, fried donuts, strawberry topping, fresh fruit, chocolate soft serve, vanilla soft serve, sprinkles, ice cream cone, chopped peanuts.

You’ll find the Ming Court Buffet in the same shopping center as K-Mart. As you walk up to it you’ll notice several signs on the door listing their awards (voted best of such-and-such year), I didn’t take total notice but I did see that they were at least from 2008 and so not totally dated. I went on a Saturday for lunch and paid $7.15 including tax.

There are two long hot buffet stations and a cold station. The cold station has sushi (a few basic California-type rolls), cold shrimp, cold oysters, salad vegetables, dressings & sauces (tarter, cocktail, duck sauce, hot mustard, Ranch, 1000 Island, Italian, hot oil sauce, etc.) and cold octopus. The desserts are also here with fresh fruit (honey dew, mandarins, strawberry topping, pineapple), peanut sticky wontons, almond cookies, coconut cookies, vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, tapioca pudding, puff pastry, chocolate cake and vanilla cake.

The first hot buffet station has your three typical soups (egg flower, wonton & hot and sour), fried shrimp, sweet & sour chicken, pizza, honey chicken, pork spare ribs, pepper chicken, pepper steak, egg custard dumplings, beef broccoli, chicken broccoli, stuffed shrimp, baked imitation crab, string beans, curry chicken, stuffed mushrooms and steamed fish.

The second hot buffet station has steamed rice, pork fried rice, chicken fried rice, chicken lo-mein,  teriyaki chicken, vegetable lo-mein, bbq pork ribs, General Tso’s chicken, chicken with peppers, cheese wontons, peanut chicken, pot stickers, egg rolls, spring rolls, dumplings, chicken skewer, chicken wings, fried donuts, french fries, teppanyaki chicken.

The not so good items were the French fries which were cold and limp, the pizza was sitting out for quite a while and was very tough and dense, the curry chicken was not very good, nor was the chicken lo-mein. The dumplings were not very good either. The soups were what you’d expect. The average items were the beef broccoli, chicken broccoli, pepper chicken, pork spare ribs and the fried rices.The egg rolls and spring rolls were average. The fish was just okay.

They had some truly exceptional dishes. The peanut chicken was very good. They had a strange egg custard wonton that was delicious. The honey chicken, General Tsao’s chicken, sweet & sour chicken and teppenyaki chicken were all very good. The the skewered chicken was phenomenal, it had an Indian seasoning to it. Both the stuffed shrimps and stuffed mushrooms were also very good.

The desserts are just was you’d expect. The did have something I hadn’t seen before, a sort of sticky peanut and honey wonton, that was pretty good. Their yellow cake was much more dense than typical and very good. They also had a nice strawberry topping. Their soft serve ice cream was thick and very good and they a nice peanut topping. The fruit was good and fresh.

Overall the place was clean. The bath rooms were clean but a bit “wet” (water on the counters and near the towels, etc). The servers were all very pleasant and did a good job of clearing plates and refilling beverages. The buffet station was clean as were all the plates and utensils. They did a good job of refilling all trays. The only problem were with a few of the items not being hot enough but those were mainly the French fries and pizza.

This is certainly a good buffet for Chinese food, which is what you’d think you would want from a Chinese food buffet. I wouldn’t come here for any of their American or Japanese dishes, especially the sushi, but if you want some really good Chinese items at a buffet I would definitely say that the Ming Court is one of the better ones around.

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Typical lunch/dinner: ???

Typical dessert: ???


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