Lapp’s Family Restaurant

Lapp’s Family Restaurant
Address: 2270 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, PA 17602
Phone: (717) 394-1606

Breakfast: Sat & Sun $7.90
Salad bar: 11am-8pm $7.99
Fish Fry Friday: 11am-8pm $10.99 (All-you-can-eat fried pollack)

Typical breakfast: Scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, sausage gravy, pancakes, bacon, French toast sticks, sausage, oatmeal, baked oatmeal, waffle sticks, cereal, Scrapple, pastries, tater tots, yogurt, Granola.

Typical salad bar: 2 scratch soups, carrots, pickled eggs, peas, tomatoes, olives, shredded cheese, raisins, cucumbers, onion, mushrooms, cottage cheese, radishes , bacon, turkey, croutons, sunflower seeds, hot bacon dressing, 8 different deli salads, breads and rolls, pies, cake.

I went here for lunch and had there salad bar. It’s really an extended soup, salad and dessert bar. There is a long buffet table through the restaurant that is broken into a few sections. The first thing is their soups, today was a corn chowder and a seafood bisque. Next is the salad fixings, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peas, carrots, beets, hard boiled eggs, radishes, pickled beets, red pickled eggs, etc. There are also  a few pasta salads, carrot salad, potato salad, cucumber salad, cole slaw, olive salad,  fruit salad, apple sauce, apple butter and cottage cheese.

They have a big pot of their hot bacon dressing (a staple of Amish cooking) and dinner rolls. Next they have all the dressings and toppings, Ranch, blue cheese, 1000 Island, honey mustard, Italian, French, etc. They’ve got the sesame seeds, cheese, crispy wontons, real (big) bacon, real (big) ham pieces, croutons, etc. Lastly they have a dessert section with tapioca, rice pudding, sugar-free apple pie, caramel apple pie, chocolate shoofly pie, cherry pie, coconut meringue pie and pumpkin pie.

For what it is and for the price they actually have some surprising things. For starters the soups were pretty good. The seafood bisque (shrimp & clam?) was really good, it was nice and thick. It didn’t have a large potato chunks which I like, sometimes you’ll see places use that as a filler. The corn chowder was good but a little watery. The “deli salads” were a little hit and miss. I liked the olive salad, the cole slaw, the cucumber salad and especially the carrot salad. The pasta salads, potato salad and the olive salad were not all that impressive but they were okay. They potatoes were a bit mushy.

One of the weird things is that the only truly bad items were the lone vegetables. The lettuce was wilted, the cucumbers were stale, the cherry tomatoes were not ripe. You would think that a salad bar would have those items down pat. Aside from that everything else was fairly decent. The dinner rolls were good. All the dressings and toppings were just want you’d expect. The bacon and ham pieces were surprisingly large and fresh, you could get a good amount of protein from that. The red pickled beets and eggs were good.

The apple sauce, apple butter and fruit salad (honey dew melon, grapes, apples, pineapple and cantaloupe) were all very good. The cottage cheese was nice and cold. The tapioca was pleasant but the rice pudding was very bland. The chocolate shoofly pie was one of the best shoofly pies I’ve ever had but in all honesty they cheat a little calling it that, it’s more of a brownie pie. The caramel apple pie was also extremely good. It had a very interesting topping, sort of like a chocolate caramel puffed rice thing. I really enjoyed that pie. The apples were delicious and the crust was superb. The coconut meringue was also very good. It was light but tasty. The pumpkin pie was also quite good as was the cherry pie. They certainly excel in their desserts, which are all made in the restaurant. They also have more item in the front which you can buy separately (cookies, cakes, sticky buns, etc.).

I restaurant is extremely clean as are all buffet areas. The restrooms were also clean. I did however run in to two dirty soup bowls in a row but that was it. the plates and all other bowls were plentiful and clean. The waitstaff was extremely pleasant and did a good job of refilling beverages and clearing plates. I would recommend this place. If only they had fresh vegetables it would near perfect for what it is. Their breakfast buffet is quite popular and from what I hear is one of the better ones around.

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