Kings Buffet

Kings Buffet
Address: 2495 Lincoln Hwy. East, Lancaster, PA 17602
Phone: (717) 396-9188

Lunch: Mon-Sat 11am-3:30pm $5.99
Dinner Mon-Sat 3:30pm-9pm $9.99, Sun 11am-9pm $10.99

Typical lunch/dinner: baked salmon, fried squid, string beans, teriyaki chicken, pepper chicken, pepper steak, vegetable lo-mein, steamed fish, teriyaki beef, bbq pork ribs, sweet and sour chicken, baked crab and pasta, General Tso’s chicken, chicken with peppers, triple delight, broccoli chicken, beef broccoli, cheese wanton, pot stickers, dumplings, chicken skewer, chicken wings, fried shrimp, cold shrimp, hot and sour soup, egg flower soup, wonton soup, sushi, salad bar, fruit bar, french fries, onion rings, pizza.

Typical dessert: fruit, banana pudding, vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, almond cookies, candied peanuts, chocolate cake, coconut cake, yellow cake, Jell-O, fried donuts, hand-dipped ice cream.

The layout here is a bit scattered. I think there are a total of 5 buffet tables and an ice cream cooler. There is one with all of the cold items, shrimp, salad fixings, fruit, etc towards the back and behind that, even further back is one that has fried squid, honey chicken, teriyaki chicken and pizza.

There are two hot food buffet tables up front. One has the typical soups, hot & sour, egg flower and wonton. It also has most of the American fare, the french fries, chicken wings, boneless chicken on a skewer, onion rings, egg rolls, cheese wontons, fried donuts, sweet & sour chicken and such. The other hot food table has your ordinary Chinese items, your green beans, General Tso’s, lo-mein. pot stickers, beef broccoli, steamed fish, crab (imitation) & pasta, bbq pork ribs, pepper steak, etc.

The dessert bar is in the middle of all that and has your regular, airy, Chinese buffet cakes, chocolate, coconut and vanilla. They have almond cookies, those baked croissant looking cookies, candied peanuts, chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, banana pudding (with loads of banana mixed in) and Jell-O. You’ll also find the sushi here as well as a bevy of different sauces and dressings, Ranch, wasabi, sweet & sour, Thousand Island, honey mustard, tarter, cocktail, etc. There is also an ice cream cooler with 6 varieties, vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter swirl, raspberry, cotton candy and strawberry.

Although the food here was tasty when it initially came out of the kitchen, I found that the buffet tables did not warm them sufficiently and they quickly became luke warm and longer good. This was a problem with many of their dishes. I had the lo-mein, baked crab (imitation) with pasta, fried squid, potstickers and General Tso’s straight from the kitchen and they were extremely good. One note, they state on their website that they use no MSG in cooking. I actually believe this the food was not overly salty and greasy.

As I mentioned, a lot of the other items were warm and “stale” which did not make for good eats. A few of items that were good, surprisingly the onion rings and French fries were great, the cheese wontons, sushi and shrimp delight. The sushi was acceptable. The have maybe 3 or 4 different rolls but they were all pretty much the same, imitation crab and some veggies, certainly nothing special. The dessert was okay, the candied peanuts were a nice touch that I haven’t seen elsewhere and the hand-dipped ice cream was delicious. Everything else was what you’d see at any other place throughout the nation.

The restaurant was fairly clean (it’s quite large) and the buffet tables were well maintained. The back of the restaurant and the restrooms, however, were untidy and not well kempt. Tables were bussed sufficiently and beverages were refilled adequately. The staff was pleasant. Overall this is your average Chinese buffet. I would eat here again but try only to eat the items as they are fresh from the kitchen.

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