Cici’s Pizza

Cici’s Pizza
Address: 2405 Covered Bridge Drive, Lancaster, PA 17602
Phone: (717) 392-2740

Lunch/Dinner: 11am-9pm $5.49

Typical lunch/dinner: pepperoni, zesty veggie, Mexican style ole, Italian style sausage, ham & pineapple, cheese, beef, ham, BBQ, buffalo chicken, spinach alfredo, alfredo, mac & cheese, pepperoni jalapeno, classic chicken, zesty pepperoni, zesty ham & cheddar, deep dish, pepperoni flip, garlic cheese bread, dippin’ sticks, pasta, salad, brownies, cinnamon rolls, apple cinnamon pizza.

Cici’s is Cici’s. They pretty much got you covered if you want to eat all you can eat of pizza. They have a couple prepared tossed salads and a small selection of salad fixings and dressings. They’ve also got pasta with either a meat marinara sauce or their alfredo sauce. I bet you could probably ask for the macaroni & cheese sauce too (that they put on the pizza).

Lined up past the “starters” you’ll find a veritable cornucopia of pizza, they don’t necessarily have all the flavors out at once but you can request anything they have and usually more. They normally have about 7 to 8 pizzas constantly rotating. You’ll find your basics (pepperoni, ham & pineapple, chicken, mac & cheese, zesty veggie, etc.) always out on the table.

If what you want is not out there just request it. If you can think it up and ask the employees they’ll usually whip it up for you. The pizza is normally decent, there wasn’t too much that I would call bad. There were only a few I didn’t like, one being the beef & cheese, sort of an attempt at a hamburger pizza, it used cheddar cheese and I wasn’t too into that. I really like the ham & pineapple, the mac & cheese, the zesty veggie and the BBQ chicken. They have what they call the flip, which is almost like a calzone…it’s a pizza with a top layer of crust. These were delicious…and you can ask them to make any flavor as a flip. If you don’t ask though they’ll only have the pepperoni ones out there. They also have bread sticks and garlic bread, both were pretty good.

For dessert they have the brownies, cinnamon rolls and the apple cinnamon pizza. The brownies are good, they’re fairly dense and I couldn’t eat more than a little. The apple cinnamon pizza was good to, I like the apple topping, but it’s on a pizza dough and seeing that I just stuffed myself with all various kinds pizzas I wasn’t into having much more. The cinnamon rolls though were absolutely amazing. They’re a lot lighter than a typical cinnamon roll…more like a yeast roll with cinnamon and icing, they were really good.

The staff here is really friendly. They good a good job of keeping everything clean. The tables are bused often. You get your own drinks here so that is up to you. All the buffet areas were spotless. The utensils and plates were always clean and stocked. The bathroom was extremely clean. For less than $6 you can literally stuff yourself full of practically any type of pizza you can imagine. This isn’t the best pizza you’ll find but it’s certainly good enough especially considering the price tag.

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