Carlos & Charlie’s

Carlos & Charlie’s – Mexican Lunch Buffet
Address: 2309 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone: (717) 399-1914

Mon-Fri 11am-2pm $7.95

Typical lunch: salad bar, salsa bar, tomato bisque soup, beans, rice, hard taco shells, soft tortillas, tostado shells, chips, beef, chicken, chicken fajitas and chicken wings. Beverage included.

This place is more of a sports bar than anything. It’s half a bar and half a sit down restaurant. There are many flat screen TVs on the walls that were showing SportsCenter while I was there. The have a regular menu but I had the lunch buffet which is offered during the weekdays.

The buffet table has soft flour tortillas, hard corn tortillas, tostada shells, refried beans, fajita veggies, grilled chicken, ground beef, rice, chicken wings, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream, mild salsa, hot sauce, blue cheese dressing and Ranch dressing.

It a somewhat small selection but you can pretty much make most any dish you car for by mixing and matching your choices. The vegetables were all very fresh. The flour and corn tortillas were store bought and not very good. The tostada shells were fresh mad and extremely delicious, they were warm, soft and very flaky. The ground beef was average but the grilled chicken was very good. The chicken wings were also very good and meaty. The refried beans and rice were decent. The fajita veggies were a mix of onions and peppers and were also very good. The salsas and hot sauce although limited were good.

It’s a small buffet so they were running out of things often but they did an okay job about refilling the trays. I had to wait on a few things on occasion but when they came out they were very fresh and hot. The plates were clean but the buffet table was a little untidy. The server did a good job of cleaning plates but didn’t refill my drink (sodas are included in the price). She was pleasant but really only friendly when she dropped of the check. Overall it’s an okay buffet. Don’t expect anything to be superb but also nothing falls below decent. If you’re hungry and want a quick Mexican meal it will do the trick.

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