Posted by: Eating The Road | January 13, 2010

Top 5 Martha Stewart Guest Appearances (w/ Conan)

There are few more awkward and hilarious things than watching Martha Stewart try to keep her composure around an unruly guest. We’ve compiled the top 5 of the bunch for your viewing pleasure. From the S&M Cookie Monster to Amy Sedaris being called Martha Stewart on crack, “I’ve never done crack…I’ve only sold it.”

There is hardly a more hilarious moment on daytime TV than when And Dick, with his head inside a pumpkin, smashes it against the table. The only thing that might top it is Snoop teaching, a presumably 95% white audience, the necessary vocabulary of the day,  “fo shizzle,” “what’s crackalackin,” “chuuuch,” “all-hood,” and “ball till you fall” or pretty much every second of the Conan appearance. Now grab your apron and follow along over at Top Cultured.



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