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Lankford Grocery & Market

Lankford Grocery & Market
Address: 88 Dennis Street, Houston, TX‎ 77006
Phone: (713) 522-9555‎
Known For: Triple Bacon Cheeseburger
What I had: Bacon Cheeseburger with French Fries
Price: $7.65
Rating: 8 (9*) out of 10

Well damn, I was going to head here for lunch but I couldn’t find the place. I drove in circles and in the end was only a block away. I ended up somewhere else and figured I’d come here for dinner. When I called to get directions my worst fears were brought to life, they close at 3 PM. Well I had to get creative, so I ordered my Bacon Cheeseburger to go and told the waitress that I was going to be eating it later. She packaged everything separately so that I could assemble it later myself. With that in mind this obviously isn’t the burger at it’s best but at least I still got to try it.

*This was  a sad sad tale in deed. Unfortunately I had this reheated in a microwave 4 hours later. It was still pretty darned good. It was like a Miss America Pageant star at 45 years old. You could see all the things that made it wonderful years (hours) past and there were still hints of them but they came nowhere near their old times.

I can imagine this being an exceptional burger because it was still so delicious the way I had it. This is by no way a fair review, I’m just chronicling my meal and really I feel this has no merit. The meat tasted good but if it were fresh off the griddle and juicy I could see it being amazing. The bacon was superb and the bun, even after microwaving was still fantastic. The produce (onions, lettuce and tomatoes) were fresh. I really ought to go back here to asses a true Lankford burger because honestly even the way I ate it, it tops a good 80% of other burgers I’ve had fresh. The fries were surprisingly good even after being nuked and I’m sure you’re aware, if you’ve ever reheated french fries, they normally come out like soggy cardboard. I did not mind the reheated fries and again they were actually still above average.

I almost wish I hadn’t eaten this at all because I saw the potential that it has. I saw what I wasn’t getting. With all their accolades, awards and reviews from others I really think they probably have one of the better burgers out there but unfortunately I can’t say 100% myself. I would however say that if you’re even within a days drive from Lankford Grocery & Market be sure to get yourself a bacon cheeseburger and fries, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon Cheeseburger

French Fries

French Fries

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  1. Accurate map + Street View–>

    ETR, if you post the FULL URL (don’t cut off the http://) of your blog post at Virtual Globetrotting the URL will become a hyperlink.

  2. I feel hungry every time I visit this site!

    • 🙂 Good…it should have that effect. Maybe I should add a disclaimer!

  3. ETR. you really should go have a Lankford burger fresh. The firehouse is amazing. It will literally melt your face it’s so hot. the Grim burger is also good, even if the mac and cheese make it really messy. the Chicken Fried Steak thursday special is among the best CFS ive ever eaten.

    one complaint tho, the fries are only average. the onion rings are pedestrian. but the tater tots and tex meex (fried onion and jalapeno strips) are awesome.

    • Wauh!!! How did I miss this “Grim burger”? It has mac & cheese on it?! I love mac & cheese….damn it….I must be headed back to Houston now.

  4. Great report ETR. My first experience was like yours, I drove back and forth by the place without realizing it. By the time I finally ‘found’ it, they were closed for the day. I bet a lot of people have similar experiences. I haven’t been back since the downhill alert but apparently it was a false alarm.

    I agree with Vik – the sides are mediocre but the CFS is great.

    Now come on back and try some more burgers in Houston.

    • Haha., I truly need to. Other recommendations?

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