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BBQ Pitmasters Episode 2 Murphysboro Barbecue Cook-off

The second episode of BBQ Pitmasters was more like the Myron Mixon show featuring LeeAnn Whippen. Johnny Trigg and Harry Soo were also in the episode but both Paul Petersen and Tuffy Stone were strangely absent. The odd thing is both Tuffy and Paul were in the competition (I’ve included their results) so I’m not sure why they weren’t on the show. Tuffy actually did extremely well beating 4 other of the show’s cooks and placing 7th overall and a very impressive 2nd in both chicken and brisket.

This competition was a 2-in-1 at the Murphysboro Barbecue Cook-off. The first was the Kansas City Barbecue Society featuring chicken, ribs, pork & brisket. This was done as a blind judging (the exact same setup as last week’s). The second competition, which was held simultaneously was the Memphis Barbecue Network featuring whole hog, pork shoulder and ribs. This was a presented judging, where a series of judges come to the cooks rigs and do a tasting and walk-through of their cooking process.

If you liked to see a little more background on the 6 cooks and how the KCBS judging works you can read last week’s review of the premiere episode. Also Diva Q has a very thorough and in-depth interview with Myron Mixon on her blog.

If the cooks chose to they could very well be cooking 7 different meats. I think Myron was the only one who did all seven but most of them entered all of the KCBS and a few of the MBN categories.

The only time Johnny was really in the show was during two disputes. The first at the initial meeting of the cooks. He tried to get them to change the timing for plating the brisket. He felt that there was too short a window. A number of the other cooks spoke up about them wanting to change everything for one guy and thought it was unfair. It was a bit confusing but I believe they increased the window slightly. The second dispute was with another cook in the competition who, while drunk, came up to Johnny mouthing off about how he was better than him. Johnny and him got pretty heated and in the end put a $100 bet on who would place better (Johnny won this bet).

Johnny and Heckler

The MBN was a first for Johhny, LeeAnn and Harry. You could tell that experience in the presenting to the judges helped a lot. Myron was very relaxed and extremely versed in what he was doing. Johnny on the other hand actually came right out and told one of the judges that his ribs were tough and he didn’t even want to use them.

One of the interesting things was Harry talking about the differences in competition in the south as opposed to the west. He mentioned that he had to change his recipes quite a bit to make them a lot sweeter when in the south, adding a whole lot of various sugars. He has never won a competition outside of California. It was also interesting to see how much meat, and the cost, that each cook brings. Myron had nearly 190 lbs and $400 in pork shoulder alone.

Here are the results for both the KCBS and the MBN:

Murphysboro Barbecue Cook-Off State Championship – KCBS
Location: Murphysboro, Illinois
Date: September 24-26, 2009
Categories: Chicken, Ribs, Pork & Brisket
Total Competitors: 44
Promoter: Kansas City Barbeque Society

2 – Johnny Trigg – Smokin Triggers
4 – Tuffy Stone – Cool Smoke
7 – LeeAnn Whippen – Wood Chicks BBQ
11 – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ
18 – Myron Mixon – Jack’s Old South
40 – Paul Petersen – Pablo Diablo BBQ

Pork Ribs
5 – LeeAnn Whippen – Wood Chicks BBQ
14 – Myron Mixon – Jack’s Old South
21 – Tuffy Stone – Cool Smoke
24 – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ
37 – Johnny Trigg – Smokin Triggers
38 – Paul Petersen – Pablo Diablo BBQ

7 – LeeAnn Whippen – Wood Chicks BBQ
28 – Myron Mixon – Jack’s Old South
29 – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy
34 – Tuffy Stone – Cool Smoke
36 – Johnny Trigg – Smokin Triggers
40 – Paul Petersen – Pablo Diablo BBQ

2 – Tuffy Stone – Cool Smoke
5 – Myron Mixon – Jack’s Old South
7 – Johnny Trigg – Smokin Triggers
11 – LeeAnn Whippen – Wood Chicks BBQ
16 – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy
43 – Paul Petersen – Pablo Diablo BBQ

5 – LeeAnn Whippen – Wood Chicks BBQ
7 – Tuffy Stone – Cool Smoke
10 – Myron Mixon – Jack’s Old South
17 – Johnny Trigg – Smokin Triggers
18 – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ
42 – Paul Petersen – Pablo Diablo BBQ

Murphysboro BBQ Championship – MBN
Location: Murphysboro, Illinois
Date: September 26, 2009
Categories: Whole Hog, Shoulder, Ribs
Total Competitors: ??
Promoter: Memphis Barbecue Network

Grand Champion – Jack’s Old South (Shoulder)

Whole Hog
1 – Jack’s Old South (Myron Mixon)
2 – Tower Rock
3 – Party Q
4 – Bonefide BBQ Team
9 – Wood Chick’s BBQ (LeeAnn Whippen)

1 – Jack’s Old South (Myron Mixon)
2 – Tower Rock
3 – Redneck Grillers
4 – Hawg N’ Dawgs

1 – Jack’s Old South (Myron Mixon)
2 – Big Briq. Com
3 – Hawg & Dawgs
4 – Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ (Harry Soo)
8 – Wood Chick’s BBQ (LeeAnn Whippen)
20 – Smokin’ Trigger (Johnny Trigg)

Some memorable quotes:

“Lot a people come to these competitions they want to party have a good time, meet folks, socialize, have a damn homecoming. That ain’t what I’m about. I’m all about damn work, this is my damn job, this is what I do for living. Whole hog is a big part of that, it’s made me probably more money for any category out there. Get the damn hog on, get the judges ass in here, let them taste it…get my money and get my ass outta here.” – Myron Mixon

“When it comes to Myron Mixon cookin’ whole hog…well, that’s just like spitting off a damn train, that’s just how easy it is for me. What I do best is beatin’ everbody elses ass.” – Myron Mixon

“Been a long time since I built a fire this early. I got 18 slabs of ribs I’ve got to cook  so I got to get my brisket and my pork off…never in my life have I done this before. Ah this is a new experience for me. It’s gonna be fun…I can BS with the best of them so…maybe I’m just hoping I don’t overdo it.” – Johnny Trigg on entering the MBN.

“I am the best hog cooker out here. Now whether I win or not, you know anyone can get bit on any given day but if I get bit it won’t be because my hog ain’t perfect…it’ll be because they got some sorry ass judges.” – Myron Mixon

“Well he reached up there and poked me in the chest and I said don’t you touch me one more time and I had fire in my eyes. I was getting revved up right there and Jaime thought I was fixin’ to pop him.” – Johnny Trigg

“I guarantee that in the 10 minutes that you did it in last year your box looked like s%&@ and you got a bad score. We’re not talking MBN we’re talking KCBS, that’s the whole point…you don’t know your ass from a whole in the ground about KCBS.” – Johnny Trigg talking to the heckler.

Jack's Old South Grand Champion

So there it is. Myron Mixon won Grand Champion again and over $3000 coming in first in all three categories. Not a shabby weekend. I must admit that his “damns” and “asses” got to be a bit much this time. I like him because he’s cocky and he can back it up but now it seems like he is doing it all just to spite people.

This episode was good but I enjoyed the first one more. I really liked Tuffy and hope he makes an appearance next show. I also like watching the cocky Paul fall flat on his face, which happened again this week placing 42nd out of 44, but we didn’t get to see it. Next week is another KCBS, the Alabama state championship at the Decatur Jaycees Riverfest.



  1. Now that’s a trophy.

    • Yessir! …and he deserves it. He placed first in all three MBN categories…the man is the Tiger Wo……the Michael Jordon of BBQ!

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