Posted by: Eating The Road | December 11, 2009

Red Lion Pub

Red Lion Pub
Address: 2316 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77019
Phone: (713) 529-8390
Known For: Pub Food
What I had: Fish & Chips with a side of Naan
Price: $10.73
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

What a cool restaurant. It’s pretty authentic to the English pub style and decor. I’ve been to plenty in the UK and it’s not too far off from a few of the higher end ones over there. A very cool feature is that they have a stack of the days British newspapers, that was a great way to start the experience. The lunch menu is pretty limited but I came here for the fish & chips and that’s always served. I was pretty hungry so I ordered a side of Naan to start with. In true London style they have a lot of Indian food items on the menu (Tandoori Quesadilla anyone?).

The Naan was really good, it was made fresh when I ordered it and they had a good mango chutney which came along side. The fish and chips (also with a side of peas) was really good. The fish was very fresh and the coating was good. It was cooked perfectly and practically melted in your mouth. The batter was crunchy but not overly greasy. The tarter sauce was freshmade and not from a bottle or can which I think is quite rare now-a-days. The fries were good but nothing outstanding.

The staff was super friendly and helpful, very cheery. The place was very clean and the atmosphere was nice. There were only a few other diners which was a bit strange. I think it’s more of a dinner place. My waitress told me that they had a much larger dinner menu and they have nice dinner specials. This night’s was an oyster dish for something like $8.00! I would certainly recommend coming here if you’re in town and want a well cooked reasonably priced taste of England.

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips



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