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The Cove

The Cove
Address: 606 W. Cypress, San Antonio, TX 78212
Phone: (210) 227-2683
Known For: Fish Tacos
What I had: The Lisa Special (2 fish tacos & chips)
Price: $9.72
Rating: 7 out of 10

This is an interesting place. It’s a restaurant, specializing in healthy and organic “diner” food, a laundromat and a car wash. Strange mix I know. You order in the front, take a number and find a seat in the back. They’ve got a stage for local bands to play, I think they have music most nights, and you can see that they are really connected to the community.

They pride themselves on serving local and organic food. Their menu contains things like the SOL Burgers (Sustainable, Organic, Local) with fresh cut fries or organic sweet potato fries, Cate’s Spring Mix Salad which has organic grilled apples, goat cheese & walnuts tossed in a sweet vinagreta or the House Special Grilled Smoked Turkey Sandwich with avocado, bacon, Swiss and Honey Mustard on a whole wheat sub.

From their website: The Cove believes that healthy eating results in healthy living. Below are a few reasons why.

* Better for the animals…eating (in the pasture) what nature intended
* Better for the environment…harmony between the land & the animals
* Better for farmers/ranchers…living & working in a healthy sustainable atmosphere
* Better food…grassfed foods are lower in saturated fats & higher in essential nutrients
* Better for you…nutritious grassfed foods support better overall health

I ordered the Lisa Special, which is 2 tacos with a spinach salad but I substituted out their tortilla chips and salsa instead. They’ve got Dr. Brown’s Soda on the fountain which is cool. The tacos were good. I liked all the flavors and they melded well. The fish was cooked well (maybe just a tad overdone) and certainly fresh. The cabbage was nice as was the dressing. The only thing was the corn tortilla, it tasted store bought. For all of their talk on local foods it was sad to taste that tortilla. The chips were good, nothing too special. Their salsa was fantastic, very hot and very fresh tasting.

If you’re looking for a good healthy spot then this is for you but be expected to pay a premium for it as the portions aren’t anything to write home about. I wouldn’t necessarily go here on a regular basis but every now and again I’d stop in. I really admire their “mission statement” and their commitment to local farmers as well as the local art community. I would support them on those points alone…the food is certainly tasty enough too.

Fish Tacos and Tortilla Chips

Fish Tacos and Tortilla Chips

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  1. I wish “good food” in the moral sense could be cheaper as a whole. It feels like being poor can sentence you to processed junk and lock you out of a world of more natural flavors.

    • I know what you’re saying but in all honesty it isn’t quite that way. What’s cheaper and “cleaner” than growing your own vegetables? Granted meats and proteins are going to be tougher to obtain and pricier but if you’re spending less on other things you may be able to make up for it. Restaurants will most always charge a premium when they use any of those buzz words (oraganic, sustainable, local, etc.) but it does normally cost them a little more too.

  2. Judging by the photos, the food looks great! I can understand why it’s expensive, though. Growing and distributing organic produce takes a lot more time and effort. Science has advanced in favor of farmers who are willing to pump their meats and produce full of steroids and growth hormones. Not to mention that the produce/meat is usually of sub-par quality which is why it’s so cheap. :[

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