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Juan In A Million

Juan In A Million
Address: 2300 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX‎, 78702
Phone: (512) 472-3872‎
Known For: The Don Juan Breakfast Taco
What I had: The Don Juan Breakfast Taco
Price: $4.22
Rating: 10 out of 10

To get to Juan In A Million have to drive through a pretty shady neighborhood  and I wasn’t sure I was in the right spot but like a beacon of good food, I saw a huge crowd waiting outside a building in the distance. My heart shrank a little when I drove up, only because when I say huge crowd, I mean huge crowd. Probably the largest amount of people I’ve ever seen waiting to get some food save from a buffet in Vegas. Obviously this is a good sign but I was hungry, the wait looked like it would be at least an hour and a half. I finally found a parking spot, luckily there is a big lot, and went to put my name on the list. I told him it was just one and he said I could sit at the bar. I attempted to find this “bar” which didn’t really exist but when I asked a waitress she said she’d clear a small table for me, 1 1/2 hour wait averted, yes!

I was looking forward to this so much only because of how many others were doing the same. I got a basket of chips and started munching on those, pretty good. The salsa was freshmade and delicious. The waitress came to get my order and I told here I thought I should just get The Don Juan, I asked her if there was anything else I should get and if that’d be enough. She told me it’d be plenty but I might want to get a couple extra tortillas as the taco is stuffed full, so I heeded her advice.

It took a little time, maybe 25 minutes for my order to come but that’s completely understandable considering how packed it was (it was Sunday at noon the day after a Longhorn’s game, Austin itself was packed). My first bite into the breakfast taco was heaven, my second the same and each ensuing bite just as heavenly if not more.

My waitress was right and I was able to turn my one taco into three. I am so glad that I decided to brave the crowd (I had considered not even going at first sight) and get The Don Juan. It was the perfect blend of eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese and warm floor tortilla. The flavors were superb, so incredibly fresh. You could tell that a couple people get there, probably at 4:00 AM, to prep all the potatoes that they must go through in a day. I sure they use a good ton or two of potatoes every few days.

I could seriously go on and on about how wonderful this meal was. I was thinking about it all the way home. It’s the one meal that I can remember  that I could eat more if I’d wanted to because it was so good but at the same time I was completely full but at the same time not uncomfortable. It was a weird phenomenon for me, I haven’t ever experienced that. I felt so satiated and so good after this, not weighed down at all but completely stuffed. I actually felt like I could go run a marathon, which this would be great fuel for.

The staff was amazing. The crowd was great, lot’s of big groups and families. The place was super lively. There is good reason people stand outside for hours and I highly recommend you getting out here, in comfortable shoes, and putting yourself in line….even if you currently find yourself thousands of miles away, head out now. Your tongue and belly deserve to have this experience. You’ll probably see Juan and get to feel the World’s best handshake if you go in during a slower time.

The Don Juan Breakfast Taco

The Don Juan Breakfast Taco

Torilla Chips

Tortilla Chips

The Don Juan Breakfast Taco Challenge featured on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food:

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  1. Thanks for the comment! Even though in a shady neighborhood, the food was excellent. We will be heading back soon for seconds!

    • Good to hear. I’m honestly still thinking about how good that place was!

  2. Was this a one of a kind restaurant or are there more around?


    • One of kind baby…that’s what makes it so good and so awesome….only problem is you’ve got to go to Austin to try it 🙂 Where are you from?

      • Hey!

        Thanks for the visit.

        I travel a lot for my job around the MidWest. Do you know of any one of a kind restaurants in that area that would be good to try?


      • Where specifically in the Mid-West?

  3. The Don Juan looks kind of amazing. I never want to go back to not knowing about the breakfast taco.

    • I almost regret knowing about them because I live nowhere near them 😦 …but I can still dream about them!

  4. I’ve lived here around Austin for 5 years and this is the first time someone has suggested this place. I love tex-mex food, so I plan to go asap. Thanks.
    And “Viva la raza!”

    • Rick, my word! Please go…and let me know what you think.

  5. I think I could eat there every day for a month. I’ sure there are some things on the menu that I missed out on that are truly worthy. Seems like you enjoyed as much as I did.

    • Man…I would love to go there for breakfast right now! …and then dinner 🙂

  6. Great Review, definitely going on my next trip to Austin (about 1-1.5 hrs away)

    • Let me know when you go and what you think of it!

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