Posted by: Eating The Road | November 28, 2009

Grape-Nuts Cures Alcoholism

Apparently the powers of Grape-Nuts are far greater than they’ve been letting on. An ad in The Booklovers Magazine (circa early 1900s) touts Grape-Nuts as the miracle cure for all your drinking problems.

Did You Ever Know That Improper Food Often Causes the Liquor Habit?

It’s a great proposition to get rid of a taste for liquor by changing food.

Improper food and stimulants like coffee and tea create unnatural appetites. The one who eats only proper food is normal in health and therefore normal in appetite.

By way of example take the case of a well-known business man of Lowry City, Mo., who says: “About three years ago my appetite failed me and my food disagreed with me. I got weak, nervous and dull and entirely unfit for business. Then like a fool I went to taking liquor to stimulate an appetite.

“For a time this worked well and I thought I had found a simple remedy, but I noticed I had to take more all the time and before long I found that I could not get along without the whiskey and I was in a pitiable condition.

“I tried to quit but it seemed impossible, as I needed nourishment and my stomach rejected food, and the more whiskey I drank the worse I got. I kept fighting this battle for more than two years and almost gave up all hope. Then I noticed an article about the food GRAPE-NUTS and concluded to give it a trial.

“I found I could eat GRAPE-NUTS with a relish and it was the first food that I found nourishing me in a long time. Soon my stomach trouble stopped, my appetite increased and then the craving thirst relaxed until all desire for drink was gone.

“I have used GRAPE-NUTS now for more than a year and I am entirely strong and robust, entirely cured from drink and able to work hard every day. My gratitude for GRAPE-NUTS is unspeakable, as it has saved my life and reputation.”

Name given by Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.

A Free Sample of Delicious GRAPE-NUTS Food sent to any address upon request.

Here’s a Grape-Nuts ad from 1968.

Mrs. Burke: “Oh!”
Dennis: “Oh no, Mrs. Burke!”
Mrs. Burke: “Don’t worry about it, Dennis.”
Dennis: “I thought you…you were Dale!”
Mrs. Burke: “Dale’s my teenage daughter. We’re often confused. How do I stay so slim? Exercise, and I watch what I eat. Like Post Grape-Nuts for breakfast. It fills you up…not out.”

Announcer: “Like the Burkes, your whole family will enjoy the chewy, nut-like flavor of Grape-Nuts. Delicious Post Grape-Nuts, it fills you up…not out.”

Here’s one more with a Matthew McConaughey look-alike.

There’s no question that Grape-Nuts are right for you. The question is…are you right for Grape-Nuts? I’ve always loved Grape-Nuts and now I know why. Apparently they are the miracle nuggets sent straight from the gods.

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  1. Yes, why let other foods acclimate your body toward vile, delicious things when Grape-Nuts can give you a taste for gravel!

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