Posted by: Eating The Road | November 27, 2009

Will They Build It? Taco Bell (Nacho Cheesy Blackjack Volcano Gordita Crunch)

Where: Taco Bell
What: A Cheesy Gordita using a Blackjack or Volcano hard tortilla shell with Blackjack sauce, nacho sauce & Lava sauce
Cost: $1.90
Success: No

Here at Eating the Road we’ve got a new feature called Will They Build It? We will attempt to have the workers at various fast food establishments build whatever concoctions we can come up with in our sick twisted minds (we’re also open to any suggestions readers might have). There are not any steadfast rules but it must be “off the menu”, price is not a consideration (we know in some cases they may be extremely ridiculous) and going into the restaurant we must have the item in mind and not try to tweak it at the counter. We really want to see if they can and will make strange item requests.

If you wanna see the results head over to Top Cultured!



  1. I had Taco Bell make a couple of BlackJack Double Decker Tacos for me. It was just as it sounds, a BlackJack taco with soft taco shell glued to it with beans. It was quite tasty. I only ordered it once, though, as she charged me extra for it, when in fact the BlackJack taco is 10¢ cheaper than a regular taco, so I figured there shouldn’t be any upcharge on it.

    Don’t you just hate it when some $7/hr. kid goes all out to protect the profits of a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation? Does he/she really think they’re going to make you an assistant manager because you clipped me for an extra 50¢?

    • BartendingBear, I work for this company and it’s not that we WANT to charge you an arm and a leg for more ingredients, it’s that the computer keeps track of food count, down to what is added or subtracted from your items. If a cashier isn’t ringing up items properly, i.e, adding and subtracting all necessary ingredients, then the food cost for the day will be off. If this happens enough, the cashier will be followed up on, and most likely terminated if the situation is not corrected. Also, food is rung up properly so the idiots making it have half a chance at getting it right. We kind of need our “$7/hr jobs,” so why don’t you sit back, shut up, and let us do it right. If you have a problem with this, there are plenty of grocery stores out there you may purchase ingredients to make tacos.

      • Amortentia, I was fascinated and totally with you on your reply to BartendingBear until your last couple sentences. If only I *could* sit back and let the fast food employees do it right. I’ve been to TacoBell on occassions when they were throwing order after order in the trash because they couldn’t get it right (like leaving off tomatoes, etc.) and they were NOT ringing it up and there was no accounting for the wasted food. Please continue to share your insights, but take a moment to knock that big tortilla chip off your shoulder!

      • Sven, I’m aware many people in the fast food industry screw up orders, but I am not usually one of them. Everyone has their days and I’m well aware that I work with complete losers and I’m surprised they can even tie their own shoes. Obviously there aren’t going to be many people capable of following directions in the fast food industry, or they’d have other jobs. My problem is a series of mistakes and no help starting out from my family which led me to my crappy job, so until things get better, I’m stuck here, but I’m going to do my job correctly. Sorry about your bad experiences with TB. Take care!

      • Amortentia, you sound like a very bright person and write well and seem motivated. I believe things will eventually work out for you. Educational and career opportunities are out there when you’re ready to take advantage of them.

        And I was serious in my interest in hearing more from you and others in your occupation about how these companies are run. In high school and the first couple years of college, I worked in a cafeteria in a mall. I started out as a bus boy cleaning tables, and over time did every job there was, from taking inventiry anb ordering food/supplies, doing employee timesheets, washing dishes, serving food, cashier, assistant manager, cleaning toilets, washing pots and pans, mopping the kitchen, waiting, general cleaning (windows, vaccuming, etc.) even a little emergency cooking. It’s not easy work and it’s more physical than people who have not worked in the industry realize. And it’s not fun coming home smelling like food and grease. Still, no matter role I had to fill because someone else didn’t show up for work, I never did a sh*tty job because I was getting paid, and my coworkers and customers counted on me. I may not have always done a great job, but I did the best I could at whatever it was I had to do.

        Good chatting with you…hope to hear more stories from you soon.

  2. That’s all you could come up with? One taco with a bunch of sauces?

  3. What you ought to try is a “MacChicken” which is a big mac with chicken patties. Om nom nom

  4. You should try the “McSurfandTurf.” It is a creation a few of my friends and I came up with. You start with a McDouble (or Double Cheeseburger) and ask them to put a McChicken under the two patties, add a piece of cheese, one patty, cheese, Fillet of Fish, cheese and top it off with the last patty and more cheese.

    Now if wanting to vary things up a bit, ask them to put four or five chicken nuggets instead of the McChicken — although then I’d recommend you have them put the chicken between the patties not under. Enjoy.

  5. yummmm

  6. Taco Town!

  7. how about an inside-out cheesy double-decker crunch taco?! a hard shell on the outside glued to a soft shell inside with beans AND chesse! Thats all im sayin

    • I could do that =P

  8. I came up with the unfortunately named Blackjack Gangbang which involves the classic McGangbang with a Blackjack Taco stuck inside. Not for eating on the go, but delicious and one of the most filling $3 meals you can make. The having to make 2 stops is the only downside.

  9. excellent blog I’m a big soccer fan from Holland

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