Posted by: Eating The Road | November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you have a tremendous Thanksgiving watching parades & football, cooking wonderful dishes, laughing with family and eating yourself stupid on delicious food. Here is something cool for you to look over this morning. This is the 1899 Thanksgiving menu from the New York Plaza Hotel.

New York Plaza Hotel 1899 Thanksgiving Menu

New York Plaza Hotel 1899 Thanksgiving Menu

There are 9 different soups, 11 salad options, 14 vegetable sides, 12 types of seafood, at least 25 desserts, roast beef, roast pork, roast lamb, roast duck, Philadelphia squab, Boston gosling, partridge, quail and of course turkey. Your entire meal would probably run under $3.00. What would you order here be?

And here are some interesting numbers to feast on:
535 million – Pounds of turkey eaten on Thanksgiving.

4500 – Average calorie consumption on Thanksgiving Day.

$42.91 – The average price of a home-prepared Thanksgiving Dinner for 10. $1.70 less than last year.

$1.33 – Average retail cost per pound of a frozen whole turkey.

45 million – Turkeys eaten during the Thanksgiving holiday. Roughly 1/6 of that consumed throughout the year.

42% of Americans feast at home, 45% percent will dine at a relative’s house, 5% at a friend’s home, 3% at a restaurant and 5% not making any plans at all.

Have a great holiday weekend and be sure to eat enough!


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