Posted by: Eating The Road | November 15, 2009

Old Sausage Advert a.k.a. Sex Sells

I would love to know exactly how this picture came into being. What do you think was going through her head? It looks like there are several different types of sausages here. I looked around a little and I’m guessing that the Zion refers to the Kosher Zion Sausage Company of Chicago, Illinois. It’s no longer around…so maybe the mixture of a swimsuit clad gal draped and crowned in sausages doesn’t provoke people to eat.

From what I can gather they were also associated with the Sinai Kosher Sausage Corporation which was bought out by the Best Kosher Foods Corporation (in 1983) and is still operating in Chicago. The only other thing I found was this matchbook. So in honor of this girls bravdo why not go out and eat a Best Kosher link today.

Update: Looks like Best’s Kosher was bought by Sara Lee Corporation at some point and is no longer producing their products. I guess we’re out of luck here…maybe you could grab some Jimmy Dean links, they’re a product of Sara Lee….I don’t  know, I’m stretching here.

girl hotdog



  1. Hi,
    Do you own this photo or the rights to it?
    I’m interested in using it in a book that I’m writing on the history of the Jewish delicatessen.
    Edward Merwin
    P.S. It’s probably from Zion Kosher of New York,
    not Kosher Zion of Chicago.

  2. I was a distributor to delicatessens, restaurants and super markets in Minnesota from 1957 to 1967 and sold Kosher Zion sausage products. I may be able to give you some information if you contact me. My name is Alan Stone.

    • I have an old clock that lights up … says Kosher Zion ..all Beef with…. KZ symbol on star of David

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