Posted by: Eating The Road | November 14, 2009

Food Stands Around the World

I was looking around the internets and stumbled across a few different photos of eateries, food stands and even food boats from around the world. I’ve traveled quite a bit abroad but I’ve never eaten at anything quite like any of these. I’m sure you can find some really tasty food but it’s hard for me to get past what I imagine are serious health issues.

Maybe it’s just a mental block I have, I’m sure it’s fine….but still….it’s tough for me to stomach. Neither here nor there, I find them really interesting. Have you ever eaten from a place like any of these? They are truly fascinating to me and I’m a bit jealous that I don’t have anything like this near me. I bet these cooks make some wonderful food, this is what they do day in and day out…and for how many years have they been doing it?



  1. Very cool. i keeping thinking of doing a similar posts with vending machines

  2. Hey, I just randomly stumbled upon your blog — anyway. These kinds of food stands are super popular on the West Coast. I think they mostly come from California where there’s a culture attached to taco trucks, but the real place to experience it is Portland, Oregon, where there are a few empty lots downtown which are literally full of these things. You can get any kind of food (though taco trucks are the original, I’ve seen anything from middle eastern food (gyros and falafel) to asian food (fried rice, things like that) hot dogs (but good, unlike your generic “big city hot dog stand”)) and it’s surprisingly good.

    My personal favorite? A truck called “Marination Mobile” in Seattle that serves up Hawaiian-Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten spam/kimchi sliders or Korean BBQ tacos. A similar idea is Koi Fusion in Portland, which also has amazing food (though that’s “just” Korean-Mexican, none of the Hawaiian seasoned spam, which is paradoxically good).

    From talking with various friends from other parts of the country (and looking at your blog) it really seems like this is a phenomenon unique to the west coast… I have no idea why that would be, but in the cities around here (I live in the Pacific NW), especially Portland for some reason, it’s a legit option for a cheap, fast, delicious lunch. Personally, I’m not too worried about the health concerns — most of them have kitchens of the same size as a normal restaurant, really, and just because it’s mobile doesn’t mean the owners don’t have health standards. I figure your chance of getting sick is about the same as any other greasy spoon restaurant.

    I can’t really speak to food stands outside of the US, though, but check out this website for some info:

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