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Backroad Pizza

Backroad Pizza
Address: 1807 2nd St # 1, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: (505) 955-9055
Known For: Pizza
What I had: Slice of Cheese & Cheese with Grilled Chicken
Price: $6.20
Rating: 2.5 out of 10

Well it’s name is Backroad Pizza and it should really stay on that backroad. It’s honestly hard to even call this pizza. It was more along the lines of really crispy flatbread, with a wash of sauce (hardly detectable) and way too much cheese which had little to no taste. Really I shouldn’t be rating this as pizza, seriously, and I’m not just being facetious. Everything about it was wrong. Maybe it was that I ordered by the slice rather than getting a whole pie, maybe. I really want to give them the benefit of the doubt only because I hear good things about them…that and the Guy Fieri video below really does make it look good.

I inquired about the slices and what varieties they had on hand. The guy told me they’ve got cheese slices for $2.50 and they just add whatever toppings you’d like to it for $.75. I guess that should have been my first hint because it was as if the slices had been sitting there since lunch and it was now 5:30 PM. If my stale old slices weren’t enough they then threw them in the oven for much too long. The chicken didn’t even seem fresh either, it was a weird sort of half shredded half strip. There was no crust, it was more like a cracker. I want to stress that I’m not being overly harsh here, this is actually how it was. I know it seems like I’m nitpicking every single aspect, and how could everything be a disaster, but I promise you it was.

On top of it all the staff were on their cell phones talking about their weekend plans and it took almost 15 minutes just to reheat my slices even though they weren’t busy. The water was room temperature and no ice. As if it wasn’t omen enough, the lighting was bad and I didn’t even get good pictures. I ate about a third of each slice hoping for some redeeming qualities before tossing them in the trash, something I never do.

Maybe your experience will be better and I sincerily hope so but as for me…I won’t be coming back to the Backroad. They have two locations in Santa Fe and apparently at some point they had a third which is now closed but I don’t know the circumstances. The only good thing that came from this excursion is that I hopped over to McDonald’s and got two chocolate sundaes for $2.20 afterward….man do I love those!

Pizza Slices

Pizza Slices

Slice with Grilled Chicken

Slice with Grilled Chicken

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  1. It’s rare to say the highlight of a meal in Santa Fe are chocolate shakes from McDonald’s. Those slices look as if they’ve been sitting out in the desert for a while.

  2. 🙂

    I’d love to hear what you think of the place.

  3. Uppercrust is the most awesome pizza in Santa Fe. It is really, really good. I wish you had gone there instead. Do try it, if you get the chance.

  4. have to disagree about the Backroads pizza. The location on 2nd street gave us some really great green chilli pizza.

  5. Maybe I’ll have to try their green chile…I’ll for sure try Uppercrust next time.

  6. I’m immediately suspicious of anything Guy Fieri endorses. That being said, there is a big difference between the pizza in the video and the slices in your photos. Maybe you stopped in on an off-night.

    • I have a feeling I was there on a very bad night.

  7. As a Santa Fe native, I second the vote on Uppercrust. I’ve never like backroad pizza, they just have live music sometimes and a pool table.

    • I wish I would’ve known this before.

  8. I have to say that our experience was practically identical to yours. In fact, I had to make sure I hadn’t somehow written this review! Right down to the useless employees who took over a half hour to get us our food despite only having 4 people, including us in the whole restaurant. The slices we had also tasted at least a day old. Overall, a disastrous visit. While ordering a whole pizza might improve the taste, I won’t be giving this place a second chance.

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