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Tecolote Cafe

Tecolote Cafe
Address: 1203 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: (505) 988-1362
Known For: Breakfast
What I had: Chocolate Walnut Pancake, Atole Pinon Pancake,  Potatoes & Coffee
Price: $10.27
Rating: 7 out of 10

I really enjoyed my experience here, the dining room was busy with locals dining at community tables and talking about the daily news. The food was okay but more than anything the environment and the staff make it comforting and homey. Everyone there was very friendly and helpful. All restaurants should have a similar policy to theirs “Because we prefer to deal with fresh foods wherever possible, and many fresh foods are seasonal, we sometimes run out of certain items.” that’s always a really good sign.

I ordered a double stack of pancakes but wanted to try two of their varieties, the Chocolate Walnut and the Atole Pinon (blue cornmeal and pine nuts), the waitress had no problem with this. I also got a side of potatoes.

The first I tried was the Atole Pinon, which was a bit different. I like the addition of the pine nuts. It had a heartier texture and taste than a buttermilk pancake which was great with the sweetness of a little syrup.I always like trying different types of pancakes that you can only find in certain areas and this one did not disappoint.

I had a problem with the Chocolate Walnut th0ugh, it was cooked poorly, too crispy on the outside and slightly underdone inside. It was unfortunate because although not executed well I could tell it would have been really good if it were. I really enjoy walnuts and how can you go wrong throwing in a little chocolate chips for breakfast. I imagine this was just a momentary flaw in their cooking.

I enjoyed the potatoes, sliced thin and extra crispy. The thing that stood out here was the chile (both red & green) that the waitress brought me, those were fabulous. That being the case I probably should’ve ordered a breakfast burrito or something that actually came with the chile. I would come back here again definitely but I’d venture on to other items on the menu.

They also have a bread basket that is described as “a selection of warm, fresh muffins and biscuits, served with whipped butter and strawberry preserves” that I keep hearing about, I wish I would have gotten that too. And listen to the types of French toast that you can get, orange poppy, cinnamon raisin, honey almond oat, honey wheat, honey blue corn….man I need to go back there. As a note, they are only open until 2pm and closed on Mondays.



Atole Pinon Pancake

Atole Pinon Pancake

Chocolate Walnut Pancake

Chocolate Walnut Pancake

As featured in Randy Travis’ “A Man Ain’t Made of Stone” music video:

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  1. Outstanding review! The Tecolote is a Santa Fe institution and you captured its essence. Those pancakes are making me very hungry.

  2. Gil,

    Hehe, it’s such a nice place to start the day.

  3. Tecolote’s my favorite breakfast place in Santa Fe. Next time, I recommend getting the breakfast burrito with green chile, potatoes, and the bakery basket (you get a lot of options, obviously). soooo gooood.

    • I agree with those recommendations! I should have called you ahead of time 🙂

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