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Sophia’s Place

Sophia’s Place
Address: 6313 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM‎ 87107
Phone: (505) 345-3935‎
Website: N/A
Known For: American/Mexican
What I had: Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich & Shoestring Potatoes
Price: $8.02
Rating: 8 out of 10

This place is not what you’d expect from looking at the exterior. It’s certainly classified as a “hole-in-the-wall” but the food is anything but. I arrived around 2pm and there was a bit of a line. I thought it would take long to get my food but I was wrong.

This is an extremely small place, maybe 600 square feet and about 7 tables (there are more outside actually, but it’s New Mexico and HOT). You place your order at the counter and take a number. While standing in line there are 3 or 4 chalkboards to stare at deciding what you’d like. The menu changes daily on what they have and what they’d like to make you. Also, because of this, they tend to run out of a lot of the items towards the end of the day. They have breakfast all day, well until 3pm when they close. They have a variety of Southwestern-style dishes typically.

I wanted something a little on the light side so I opted for the Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich with their signature Shoestring Potatoes (I wish they had those shrimp tamales, they look darned good). While I was waiting for my food, I had an earlier issue with my car that I needed to fix. I asked them if they had a small tool kit that I could borrow and the waitress said she’d check it out. The cook said that in a minute, once he was finished with an order, he’d see what he had. Not only did he get me a tool kit, not only did he take it out to my car but he helped me fix the problem. He was like MacGyver, it was fantastic.

Once I got that out of the way, my food was ready to go. The Shoestring Potatoes were great, fresh and crispy but not greasy at all.  The sandwich was fantastic. I loved the bread and the vegetables were all extremely fresh. It had a spicy mayo that was terrific and the portions were great.

From the looks of this place you’d think the food would be different but it’s very fresh and high quality. It may look like a “shack” from the exterior but the food they are serving is high quality. I’d consider it “gourmet” roadfood. Expect to pay more than you’d think but I mean that only from appearances, it’s certainly worth the price. This is a refreshing stop for someone that wants a nice quick, tasty meal.

Sophias Place

Sophia's Place

Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich & Shoestring Potatoes

Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich & Shoestring Potatoes

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