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Brandy’s Restaurant

Brandy’s Restaurant
Address: 1500 E Cedar Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Phone: (928) 779-2187
Known For: Breakfast
What I had: 2 Eggs Overeasy, Roasted Potatoes & Swedish Oat Pancake with Apple Cinnamon Sauce
Price: $5.40
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

I was very very happy with this place. After a bit of car trouble and longer than expected trip there was nothing more that I was looking forward to then a good meal and what I got was quite a delicious breakfast. For the whooping price of $5.40 how can you beat this? They offer a daily breakfast special of 2 eggs (any style), English Muffin and your choice of pancake or potatoes for $3.99. They were kind enough to replace the English Muffin with the pancake and for $.50 more I upgraded it to the Swedish Oat Pancake. This is exactly what I wanted and it hit the spot perfectly.

The eggs were cooked excellently, the potatoes were delicious (with a side of salsa, it is Arizona) and the Swedish Oat Pancake was superb. It was piping hot and had a nice “hearty” taste to it. The only minor issue I had was the apple cinnamon sauce seemed as if it was just bought at the supermarket. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t add to the meal, which in the case of how wonderful everything else was, actually detracted from it.

The waiter was amazingly accommodating, the service was quick, the place was spotless and everything was exactly how I’d asked for it. I requested Tabasco and he brought 3 varieties (Original, Habanero & Chipotle)! They also have a bakery with many good looking items. I would certainly recommend stopping in here for a nice warm breakfast that will start your day out right. Although they serve wonderful early morning food they also have a nice looking lunch and dinner menu (with items like Mahi Mahi, Southwest Chutney Melt and Curried Fish Cakes). The have a large wine and beer list too.

Eggs and Roasted Potatoes

Eggs and Roasted Potatoes

Swedish Oat Pancake with Apple Cinnamon Sauce

Swedish Oat Pancake with Apple Cinnamon Sauce

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