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Chino Bandido

Chino Bandido
Address: 15414 N 19th Ave # K, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Phone: (602) 375-3639
Known For: Mexican/Asian
What I had: Red Jade Chicken, Emerald Chicken Combination Plate with Pork Fried Rice, Black Beans, Re-fried Beans and a Snickerdoodle
Price: $8.71
Rating: 8 out of 10

How the heck do I describe or explain this place? The whole place and menu is as eccentric as the child of Kim Jong Il & Frida Kahlo would be. You see, it’s a mix between Chinese and Mexican cuisine and there are a million different ways to order. They actually have an ordering demo on their website so you’ll know what you’re doing when you get there, which I surely didn’t when I stepped foot inside.

This has got to be the most unique restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. The gist of it is you’ve got a dozen or so meat options (a couple meatless too) and with those you decide between having it with just rice (white, jerk, pork fried, chicken fried or beef fried), rice & beans (refried or black), or as a combination as a quesadilla or burrito. I know this sounds like too much but that’s because it is…oh yeah, it also comes with your choice of cookie (Snickerdoodle or Oatmeal Raisin on Sunday). I would say just visit their website to get a better idea of what you can order and all the options.

Because it is so confusing they actually have a small sampling bar to help you decide and coax you along in your ordering process. I felt like I was getting tested at the doctor’s office. The had a nice staff member filling small cups with all the differnt options. After tasting various meats and rices I came to a conclusion. I got the combination plate with the Jade Red Chicken (almost like Orange Chicken) as a quesadilla, the Emerald Chicken (a light ginger and onion sauce) as a burrito with the pork fried rice and both types of beans. For dessert I opted for the Snickerdoodle.

This was quite an experience. You literally could have a different combination each day of the year for many many years. The food was good but I warn you it’s not like anything you’ve had before. The tastes were nice but like I said, a bit eccentric, quite different than anything you’ve had before.

Unfortunately the rice and beans were overly salty. The Emerald Chicken was outstanding, I like the touch of ginger and the coating had a nice crunch to it. The  Jade Red Chicken was very good, it had a sweetness but not overly so. I enjoyed the burrito style rather than the quesadilla. I would probably get both my meats as a burrito next time of one as a burrito and one plain. The Snickerdoodle was very good, almost had to get another but I was full.

I would say you must stop in here if not for the experience alone, its so different then anything you can get anywhere else. I recommend everyone at least try it once. I really do appreciate places that are unique and doing their own thing and this is probably the best example of this.

The Panda

The Panda

Quesadilla, Burrito, Rice & Beans

Quesadilla, Burrito, Rice & Beans

Combination Plate

Combination Plate

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  1. Chino Bandito is a crazy mix, but a fun treat. Worth it just to see what combos you and your friends can come up with. If trendy-haute is not your style, this t-shirt ‘n’ jeans kind of joint is a worthy roadside dining attraction.

    –Hector Acuna
    Phoenix, AZ

  2. That’s so true 🙂 Half the fun is just that, coming up with weird combinations.

  3. WOW! you have just given me a reason to go to AZ on my next trip out to CA

    • Ralph, if you do let me know…it’s a great place.

      triptychr, isn’t he awesome. It’s a big ol’ (metal?) bear…it would be so cool to have in your house, right when people walk in.

      • most definatly. i should be in cali around summer next year with the family. i guess ill take my fathe rand brother inlaw to CB, they love fusions like this.

      • Ralph,

        Well it’s actually in Phoenix but you won’t be too far. If you do go I’d recommend stopping at Shield’s for a date shake too!

  4. I’d be happy with just that panda!

  5. The pictures are great! 8 out of 10 sounds great — I would like to eat here, too.

    • Thanks. Yeah, it’s a pretty awesome place. Ever come down this way?

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