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Matt’s Big Breakfast

Matt’s Big Breakfast
Address: 801 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ‎ 85004
Phone: (602) 254-1074‎
Known For: Breakfast
What I had: Pancake, Homestyle Potatoes and side of Rye
Price: $7.31
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

I must say that this place was pretty darned good. They open at 6:30 AM on Sunday and there was already a line. The whole place was full upon the doors opening, great sign. They have a very small menu but it certainly covers all of your breakfast needs.

I opted for three sides, a pancake, rosemary homestyle potatoes and rye toast with jam. I asked my waitress which to order, the hashbrowns or the homestyle potatoes and she steered me towards my final choice. I’m glad I listened to her as they were delicious, covered with onions, olive oil and rosemary, the were cooked perfectly. They were some of the freshest potatoes I’ve had for breakfast in a long time. They weren’t greasy at all. I felt like I had just gone to the Farmers’ Market, chopped these up and cooked them myself for a Sunday brunch at home.

The pancake was good, nothing outside the ordinary. You can tell by the photo that there wasn’t too much love in making it. For some reason the syrup was very good, I’m not quite sure what they used, it was a pancake syrup but obviously not the generic diner variety. The rye and jam were fantastic, just look at how thick the slice was cut, I’ve never seen a rye like that. I wish other places would serve their breads like this. I’d be a huge fan of any place that cut their slices in this manner.

I would certainly go out of my way to eat here again. The staff were terrific, the place was spotless, the owner walked around and spoke with all diners (it seemed like everyone was a local) and the food was great. The prices have risen, at least since their website has been in place but it’s still a good deal (the $5 Spot is now $5.75). A great place to grab a Big Breakfast in a nice atmosphere.

Matts Big Breakfast

Matt's Big Breakfast

Counter Seats

Counter Seats

Rosemary Homestyle Potatoes

Rosemary Homestyle Potatoes

Homestyle Potatoes, Rye & Pancake

Homestyle Potatoes, Rye & Pancake



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  1. Best pancakes I’ve ever had! No need for syrups here…

    • None whatsoever!? That’s crazy talk….there’s no pancake in the world that couldn’t use (a little) syrup 🙂

  2. I swear…I put a little butter on them and they were perfectly moist and sweet without syrup…If I lived in PHX I’d be eating there several times a week for breakfast…Then hit Ranch Market for lunch or dinner…But that’s a whole nother story…

  3. Wow…I’ve never heard of Ranch Market, I’ll have to look them up.

    What’s good in your neck of the woods? What were you doing in Phoenix?

  4. You really need to experience Ranch Market…There is one not far from Matt’s…

    The GF and I were in PHX vacationing…She has a few relatives and friends there and she did her grad work at ASU…We will be moving there in June 2011 once her pension is vested…Ahhh…Warmth!

    We are in Lansing MI right now…We lack the variety and quality of the big cities…Usually we end up going to Grand Rapids or Detroit/Ann Arbor when we want the good stuff…It’s not unusual for us to drive 2 hours to Grand Haven just to get good pizza…The GF is a foodie, so she likes to try everything…

    • So what are your recommendations in Michigan?

  5. I’m a transplant from the Philly and NYC area, so I am constantly on the hunt for cheesesteaks and pizza (Ironically, the best pizza west of NYC is in PHX–made by a NY transplant, of course)…

    Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find anything in MI that is even remotely close…MI is just so barren…

    Fortunately, I have a GF that has broadened my horizons…

    Pizza? Fricano’s has several locations in west MI…

    Tapas? San Chez in Grand Rapids…Never thought that I would LOVE fat-back bacon and little finger-foods like I did at San Chez…

    Polish? Polish Village in Hamtramck near Detroit…Best potato pancakes EVER…Cucumber salad and pierogies damn good too!

    I guess it would depend on what you’re hungry for on what I would recommend in MI…

    P.S. Did you try Jim’s Steaks when you were in Philly? Better than Geno’s (and I LOVED Geno’s til I tried Jim’s) or Pat’s…

    • Dang, no I didn’t try Jim’s. I liked Geno’s…did not like Pat’s…I would love to try Tony Luke’s!!!

      Philly and NYC! Man those are great culinary places to live. What was your favorite burger/pizza/dessert in NYC?

    • So, nearly two years later, and without knowing you at all (and also as a Phoenix resident), I find myself very interested in your post. You say the best pizza west of NYC is found in Phoenix; I must know where this is! Where!?

      • Joe’s New York Pizza on Shoeman in Scottsdale…

  6. Pat’s is always filthy and their steaks full of gristle…

    Tony Luke’s steaks are very different than Geno’s and while they are good, I prefer Geno’s over Tony Luke’s…Try Jim’s next time you’re in Philly…

    I lived near the Bowery in the early 80s when I went to Fordham and worked, so I can honestly say that I ate the cheapest food I could find…Alot of street food…And at the Italian Food Center between Little Italy and Chinatown in Manhattan…

  7. I’ll be going back to try it next time I am there. I did not have a great experience..not bad just not great.

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