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Breakfast Club of Menifee

Breakfast Club of Menifee
Address: 30076 Haun Rd. Suite 200, Menifee, CA 92584
Phone: (951) 301-9800
Known For: Breakfast
What I had: The 1 (1 each, egg over-easy, bacon, sausage, pancake, biscuit & rye toast) & coffee
Price: $6.60
Rating: 8 out of 10

I didn’t actually think this place existed as there wasn’t too much information online about it and their website was down (and has been down for quite a while now). Also when I called, late in the afternoon, no one answered and there was no voicemail. I was hoping more than anything that my 2 hour trip would not be in despair and lucky for me it was not. There really is a Breakfast Club of Menifee! Their hours state 5:30 am every day but turns out they open at 7 am on Saturdays. I arrived at 6:40 but the owner let me in and poured me some coffee while I looked at the menu.

I ordered The 1 which consists of 1 egg (overeasy for me), 1 bacon strip, 1 sausage, 1 biscuit and 1 piece of toast (rye). All in all everything was great. Nothing you wouldn’t expect from a really good breakfast place. The biscuits were good (I would’ve like a bit more of a buttermilk bite though), and the accompanying strawberry & raspberry jams were good. The egg was great, cooked just how I like. The bacon good, not just a sorry mess like some places. The sausage was the only thing that was not all that good. Not that it was bad but it was just alright, your typical store bought sausage link, no love. The pancake on the other had was tremendous. It was light, fluffy and warm. I would surely get a few more of these. Next time it’s a full stack of pancakes with a side of biscuits…carbo-loading for me.

The one thing that really stood out too was how accommodating the owner was and willing to seat me prior to them opening. Actually by 7 am there were about 10 of us eating early. This is a truly unique place and I really enjoyed my meal. I would highly recommend getting your morning started at the Breakfast Club any day of the week.

Biscuits & Jam

Biscuits & Jam

The 1

The 1



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