Posted by: Eating The Road | October 20, 2009

Roadfood Cheat Sheets

So after looking at some delicious pictures and lists posted by boardmembers on the forums at Roadfood I figured I’d compile the lists into a more organized manner. Simply because I have OCD and wanted an easy way to view the restaurants and their wonderful pictures. I did it for selfish reasons but feel free to enjoy. I’ve included links to websites and reviews where I could find them and also a map of each list as well as one for all listed below. I will periodically be adding lists to this post so if you care to, be sure to bookmark it.

Buffetbuster (Profile)
2008 Top 10 Breakfasts
2008 Top 10 Desserts
2008 Top 10 Burgers
2008 Top 13 BBQ Restaurants
List of Pies

Wanderingjew (Profile)
2008 Top 10 Restaurants
2008 Top 10 Standbys
2008 Top 10 Honorable Mentions
2008 Top 10 Desserts
2008 Top 4 Breakfasts
2008 Top 6 Sides

Ayersian (Profile)
Best of Cross-Continental

CajunKing (Profile)
List of Pies

Here is a map of all locations.


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