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Mom’s Tamales

Mom’s Tamales
Address: 3328 Pasadena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90031
Phone: (323) 226-9383
Known For: Tamales
What I had: Spinach & Cheese Tamale, Pollo Tamale, Pollo Mole Tamale (cold) & Tortilla Chips
Price: $5
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

This place was way out of the way and I didn’t believe it was actually going to be there. It was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I arrived at around 1:00 PM on a Wednesday and there was not a customer in sight (kind scary but turned out okay). There were three ladies working the kitchen studiously making tamale after tamale…I’m guessing one of them was Mom.

They have several different varieties of tamales from pollo, to sweet pineapple, to carne to spinach & cheese. They also offer yesterday’s leftover (cold) tamales for $.50 but it’s only whats available and meant more to take home and heat up, not be eaten in the restaurant. I got a pollo and spinach & cheese tamale. I also got a day old Mole Pollo, I asked for extra Mole sauce which came to the table hot and heated up my tamale perfectly.

One of the problems that I have is forgetting to take a picture before I dive in, as you can see this happened here, especially with really good food…and when I’m really hungry. The spinach & cheese tamale was phenomenal, I really should have just ordered three of these. The melted Monterrey Jack inside the warm tamale mixed with the spinach with slight hints of tomato, onions and jalapenos….mmm, to die for. The pollo tamale was slightly above average and Mole Pollo was good but obviously not eaten at it’s best, that is my fault not theirs. The chips were extremely good as was the salsa.

They have a sweet corn tamale posted on the menu which sadly is no longer available as I would’ve loved to try it. They also have burritos, tacos, etc…but if you dine here without trying the tamales, shame on you. I guess you can supplement with those other items if you please.

The staff was amazingly accommodating. My total tab was $5.40 for all three tamales, extra Mole, chips & salsa but when I went pay I told her I’d have to run to my car for the $.40, she said don’t worry about it. This is a fantastic place run by really sweet people. I would surely come back here any time I am near. One thing to note is that they close at 4:30 PM every day so no dinner…but they do open at 8:30 AM and I bet their breakfast is killer.

Moms Tamales

Mom's Tamales

Tamales & Chips

Tamales & Chips

Spinach & Cheese Tamale & Pollo Tamale

Spinach & Cheese Tamale & Pollo Tamale

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