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Pink’s Hot Dogs

Pink’s Hot Dogs
Address: 709 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA‎ 90038
Phone: (323) 931-4223‎
Known For: Hot Dogs
What I had: Coleslaw Hot Dog
Price: $3.85
Rating: 7 out of 10

Typical to Pink’s and Los Angeles in general, they were shooting a movie there when I arrived. There was a huge line and it was only 11 am…I thought I was in for it. I pulled in to the parking lot and there were several places, something didn’t add up. Turns out the line was part of the movie and they were all extras in the shot. There was actually no line at all. The only thing I had to wait for was they were making quite a lot of “prop” dogs and dogs for the crew. Once they realized I wasn’t an extra (there was some confusion and it took a good 5 minutes) I was able to put my order in.

I opted for just a Coleslaw Dog. Pink’s is pretty popular for their Chili Cheese Dog along with all their other specialties (like the Bacon Burrito Dog, a flour tortilla wrapped around 2 hot dogs, 2 slices of cheese, 3 slices of bacon, chili & onions) but I wanted to try something simple. They’ve got well over 20 different dogs for you to try including the Lord of the “RINGS” Dog a 5-6 onion rings skewered with a 10″ Stretch Dog topped with BBQ sauce or the Ozzy Spicy Dog  a spicy polish dog with nacho cheese, American cheese, grilled onions, guacamole & chopped tomatoes. They’ve also got your typical sides, fries, onion rings, chili fries, potato chips, etc. They do serve burgers too but that seems strange to go to Pink’s a order a burger.

The hot dog I got was actually pretty small and I guess I mean that in relation to the bun. There was a good amount of coleslaw and it was tasty but it all overshadowed the actual hot dog…which I would imagine would be the most important component. The taste was good but again underwhelming considering all the hype. The coleslaw was mayonnaise based and had a nice sweetness to it. In all honestly though this was more of a coleslaw filled bun…maybe if I had gotten two dogs under that massive pile of cabbage.

The Chicago Dogs and the Chili Cheese Dogs I saw looked amazing and I’d grab one of those next time for sure. If you haven’t tried Pink’s before and you’re in the area I’d say give it a shot but I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way or wait in too long of a line. Pink’s has been an LA landmark since 1939 and is touted for being one of the best of the west but there are many more excellent hot dog shops and vendors in the area…maybe head down to Venice Beach and get a good old bacon wrapped dog from a cart…if you can find one.

My Coleslaw Dog

My Coleslaw Dog

Tray of Chili Cheese Dogs

Tray of Chili Cheese Dogs

Tray of Chicago Dogs

Tray of Chicago Dogs

Pinks Kitchen

Pink's Kitchen

Pinks Line

Pink's Line

Valentines Day Shooting

"Valentine's Day" Shooting

Pink’s on the Travel Channel

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  1. I like Pink’s, but you do have to be prepared for the line. Beyond their hot dogs, it’s the place where I discovered my favorite soft drink ever–Bubble Up.

  2. Pinks. One of America’s classic hot dog joints.

    I am JEALOUS you have been there. One day Side Dish Jody and I will visit and review it.

    Check out our other reviews of hot dog places and hot dog news at

  3. I have to say I thought the hot dog and the chili were terrible. I thought it was me but there were 5 of us and we all trashed the hot dogs. Maybe NJ people eat different hot dogs. I hated the casing, it was tough to bite into and when you finally did the flavor was just okay. We got there early and beat the line so having to wait wasn’t an issue. I don’t get the hype.

    • It’s certainly a westcoast dog. It was okay but nowhere near the hype. I’ve had far far better dogs from a street vendor for a $2 in NYC.

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