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The Squeeze Inn

The Squeeze Inn
Address: 7918 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento, CA‎ 95820
Phone: (916) 386-8599‎
Known For: Squeeze with Cheese Burger
What I had: Squeeze with Cheese Burger & French Fries
Price: $9.55
Rating: 8 out of 10

This place has become extremely popular and expect tough parking, a long wait to order and a long wait to get your food. I wouldn’t recommend coming here for a quick lunch stop. You can’t miss the building because of it’s strong orange/red exterior. It doesn’t look like an eatery though (which is always a good sign), it looks more like a small house.

There is limited seating inside (about a dozen seats) but more tables located around back. From their online FAQ:

Q: Why is it called “The Squeeze Inn”?
A: The restaurant is very small, and you literally squeeze in to get your food.

If you want to see the show, and how the “Squeeze Burger” is made waddle your way up to the bar. Ordering was a bit of challenge as they were already packed at 11 am and there wasn’t too much of a line or system. I ordered what they are known for, the Squeeze with Cheese Burger and some fries. The burger is described as “1/3 pound of beef with almost as much cheese, all on a fresh bun, and all the fixings.” They do have a few other options on the menu, tacos, hot dogs & steak sandwiches, but that’s obviously not what they’re known for.

It took a good 30 minutes for my burger to come out but it was well worth the wait. As you can see it comes replete with their famous cheese skirt, which is like a crispy, delicious hor ‘dourves to munch on. The burger was great….I would’ve liked a slightly thicker patty but that’s not why you come here, you come for the cheese skirt (which is a created with a fist full of shredded mild cheddar). The meat was fresh, I’m sure it was seasoned well but there was no way to tell as it was of course overpowered by the cheese. The bun was perfect, I loved the softness and the sesame seeds. The fries were just as fries should be, nothing too special but certainly good. They are cut fresh each morning which is a great thing.

Service is spotty but that’s only because they are so extremely busy. They were very friendly and accommodating but they couldn’t do too much as they were running non-stop helping everyone. This is not a bad thing, just don’t expect to be waited on hand and foot.

When in Sacramento be sure to stop by and get a good ol’ Squeeze with Cheese Burger, your stomach will thank you. There is also a newer location in Galt that might be easier to get in and out of.

Burger & Fries

Burger & Fries

French Fries

French Fries

Cheese Squeeze Burger

Squeeze with Cheese Burger

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  1. Thanks for stoppong by my blog and leaving a comment. I love your blog, it’s giving me tons of new spots to try out. I’ve been to 4 other “tv” restaurants; Voodoo Donut in Portland Oregon, Red Mill Burger in Seattle ,Wa., Southern Kitchen in Tacoma, Wa and The Stepping Stone cafe in Portland , Oregon. Each spot had each own unique style and food specific to their theme. The best burger was the Red Mill, delicious. And the Stepping Stone had “Mancakes” – huge , delicious pancakes. I’m working my way through the Man vs. Food and Diner, Drive inns and Dives list, and am having an unofocial contest with the guys at work to see who can go to the most locations. Wish me luck!!

  2. Here’s a link to one of my Voodoo Donut trips- took the kids this time and they loved it. The staff there is a hoot!
    And here’s the first time we went. No bacon maple bars, they sell out early. It’s busy every time we go.

    I’ll add you to my bookmarks and keep checking back. Enjoy your journeys!!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my article, nice read here. It looks like your skirt was much better than mine. My main complaint was that my cheese was just SUPER burnt, it was more like a frisbee than a skirt. Or maybe I’m just not that big of a crispy cheese fan.

    I feel kinda bad writing such a negative review for them considering maybe they just screwed mine up?

    But did you smell the stench coming from the nearby dumpsters? I mean seriously..If you’re going to be in a building that forces you to eat outside the customers better not smell the stench of thrown-out burgers(aka the stench of vomit/very nasty garbage) Perhaps it’s worse on certain days and when the wind is blowing a certain direction…

    I’d probably have easily written a more positive review if the cheese was better, perhaps I’ll try the Galt location since it’s actually closer to me and I wont have to worry about the seating situation. Maybe the food is better there as well…

  4. @Michael – Yeah, try the Galt location, it’s definitely bigger. I personally didn’t have the “garbage waft” issue but I can see what you mean. That would turn me of to them too. The cheese is actually a shredded mild cheddar and better than a lot of places use but if it were to be burnt it most certainly wouldn’t be any good.

    I spoke to the owner and they’re going to be opening the new shop in Sac soon too, I’d say get that location a go.

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